Children attacked for singing Vande Mataram in Akhilesh-ruled Uttar Pradesh

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Niticentral Staff17 Aug 2013

9 attacked for singing Vande Mataram in Akhilesh-ruled Uttar Pradesh&id=nc

Children attacked for singing Vande Mataram in Akhilesh-ruled Uttar Pradesh

The singing of Vande Mataram by school children has made hate mongers in Uttar Pradesh very unhappy. So unhappy in fact that they have now taken to attacking unarmed and helpless children with sharp weapons.

According to a report in Dainik Jagran, children in Sarsawa’s Qutubpur village, singing Vande Mataram on their Prabhat Pheri on August 15, were attacked with sticks and sharp weapons. As a result, several of them were injured and were forced to flee the place screaming.

Angry protesters took out a procession on Friday demanding that the attackers be brought to justice.

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9 attacked for singing Vande Mataram in Akhilesh-ruled Uttar Pradesh&id=nc

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  • SN

    Ashamed of the Muslim fanatics who have done this. This is a very typical type of activity by Muslims. They must be brought to justice.

    Vande Mataram!

  • M

    The only solution is asking muslims to quit India for good.

    There are many Indian schools in Gulf countries. It is compulsory for all of them to sing the National Anthem of the respective Middle Eastern Islamic country & salute their flags. Followed by some token acknowledgement of “India is my country..all …brothers & sisters…”. Indian flag hoisting gets done within Indian Embassies.

    Why AR Rehmans , Razool Pookkuttys , Shah Rukh Khans, Javed Akthars remain unfazed & non committal at such hooliganism by their fellow muslims of India ? While accepting Oscars spout grandiloquently ” I come from the land that gave OM to this world….” pathetically attempting to copy Swami Vivekananda?

  • gopal

    We feel ashamed.When the Home Minister of the country says that slogans like`Pakistan Zindabad` are raised every friday and there is nothing new in it and we accept such people ,only God will help us but there is a saying -God helps them those who help themselves,so we all right thinking Indians should come forward and expose such inside-deshdrohis.

  • nirmal mishra

    yes actually this is a beginning of end of our hindus this is how one by oe we will be deprived of each n every thing and beleive me when i say this eventually in coming 20 years if the things are going in similar way we the hindu would have lost our identity coz we hindus are not bothered with each other and i am damn sure if severe steps are not taken we ll be an islamic state n comong 3-4 decades trust me i have actually observed the hate muslims have against us

    if you are not united you will break

  • Yogesh Pandey

    Mr MSY, do you still call yourself secular or a staunch socialist? Think again.

  • Indiasupplement India

    Vande Mataram Vande Mataram Vande Mataram Vande Mataram Vande Mataram Vande Mataram ….

  • db

    no any other major news covered this. i know now what means secular india.

  • Subodh Agrawal

    This is really shameful and should be taken seriously.

    Those who are against singing Vande Maatram should file a petition in SC or leave this country instead of attacking innocent children or anyone. Stop doing this nonsense as this fire will burn your own home and each one of us would be affected.

  • Truth-Revealer

    Respected Sirs,

    this is in response for all your comments. really this is a very serious issue and unforgiving also. attacking innocent children with weapons is not the act of civilized people. this could be the act of savage people only. and i condemn such act of savagery. but before reaching to any conclusion we should think twice whether this report is authentic or not. as we all know that this newspaper called dainik jagran is backed by some hi-ndu fundamentalists and can also be utilized to provoke one community anger towards others. and if this was really true then why major newspaper failed to publish the news in their respective newspapers. so this is my humble request to everyone to first check the authenticity of the news before believing in blindly.

    this incident is clearly a political issue rather than religious.

    i welcome your comments in response.


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