New York Times attacks Modi, sets new standards in dishonest journalism

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25 Sep 2013

26 York Times attacks Modi, sets new standards in dishonest journalism&id=nc

On Modi, NYT sets aside objectivity

“As journalists we treat our readers, viewers, listeners and online users as fairly and openly as possible. Whatever the medium, we tell our audiences the complete, unvarnished truth as best we can learn it.”

This lofty claim, in the rather fancily titled “Ethics in Journalism” section of The New York Times, stands diminished, if not irreparably damaged, by the shocking piece of screed carried in the paper on September 17, 2013, titled “Campaign for Prime Minister off to a violent start”. While it is the absolute prerogative of The New York Times to take any editorial stance, one expects that facts will not be put in complete abeyance, and bigotry and racism will prevail, with a purpose to besmirch democratically elected leaders in other parts of the world.

Narendra Modi, three times elected Chief Minister of Gujarat, and who has been recently chosen as the candidate for Prime Minister in next spring’s election by his party, the BJP, is referred to as a Hindu chauvinist by the reporter who wrote this article. Did The New York Times ever describe President George W Bush as a Christian chauvinist for his overt Christianity and for appointing, for example, General William Boykin, who once told a Muslim warlord in Somalia: “I knew my God was bigger than his. I knew that my God was a real God and his was an idol”, to head the hunt for Osama bin Laden? This is the standard of bigotry and racism: treating a comparable situation differently based upon race and identity.

Modi is accused of “mass murder” (sic), informs the NYT to its unsuspecting readership. What the paper does not inform its readers is that the Supreme Court of India-appointed Special Investigation Team (SIT) has absolved Modi of every charge leveled against him and that there is no case of mass murder against Modi in any court of law. Neither does the paper inform its reader, that almost all of those who carried out a decade-long malicious campaign against Modi have been either found to have been forging evidence or have being accused of defrauding riot victims. “Complete, unvarnished truth” is what the paper claims to tell its readers. Had this been practiced too, The New York Times would have told its readers that Modi has faced a fiercely independent national media, a very independent judiciary, and an opposition federal Government for the last nine years, and yet not a shred of evidence has been produced in any court of law against him which could withstand legal scrutiny.

Indeed, whatever evidence that was presented was found to be forged or concocted by the Supreme Court-appointed SIT.

While endorsing John Kerry against President Bush in 2004 US Presidential election, The New York Times accurately summed up the evidence that was presented by Bush Administration as justification for Iraq war: Rumour and forgery about purchase of critical material from Niger and a concoction by a low-level analyst, but with full knowledge of senior administration officials, about purchase of aluminum tubes. This deliberate falsehood unleashed a war in Iraq in which, by conservative estimates, over a 100,000 people were killed. Despite this evidence, has The New York Times ever described President Bush as being accused of mass murder? This is the standard of bigotry and racism: Treating a comparable situation differently based upon race and identity.

On August 27, 2013, in Muzaffarnagar town of Uttar Pradesh, Shanawaz Qureshi, who was sexually harassing a 14-year-old girl for some time, was allegedly attacked by a knife by Sachin Singh and Gaurav Singh, brothers of the girl. A bleeding Qureshi later succumbed to his injuries in a hospital. Meanwhile relatives and friends of Qureshi allegedly caught the two brothers and lynched them in a drain. The Uttar Pradesh Police caught all the eight accused in the murder of the brothers the same night. As video sting operations aired by multiple TV channels in India now bring out the story, Azam Khan, a senior Minister in the provincial Government in Uttar Pradesh, and which is an ally of the Congress ruling at the Centre, allegedly intervened and got all the accused illegally released. The officials who had promptly arrested the accused were transferred and the family members of the brothers were now falsely made accused! At a Friday religious meeting on August 30, Qadir Rana, Noor Salim Rana (legislators of an ally of the Congress), Sayeed-uz-zaman (former Member of Parliament from Congress) and other local politicians made highly incendiary communal speeches. These speeches are on tape and have subsequently been telecast on Indian TV. Demanding justice against the alleged favouritism shown by the local administration, a large rally was organised on September 7, in which politicians of various parties, including the BJP, participated. Participants of this rally, while returning home, were brutally attacked. It was this sequence of events that sparked the riots on September 7, in which 44 people were killed, and not some circulation of a fake video on Facebook, as is suggested by The New York Times. In a region where internet penetration density is in low single digits and where power is available for not more than few hours a day, Facebook is hardly the medium of communication in the remote villages, where the rioting took place.

This sequence of events is important to detail because The New York Times, alleges that, “not coincidentally” (sic), rioting broke out in Uttar Pradesh concurrent with Modi being named as Prime Minister candidate by BJP. The BJP made the announcement on September 13, 15 days after the first incident took place and a week after the mass rioting took place. The entire thrust of the article, apart from presenting prejudice as fact, has been to mendaciously link the nomination of Modi with the unfortunate rioting in Uttar Pradesh.

On August 3, 2012, President Barack Obama talked about the tax cuts for middle class in an address in South Court auditorium. Just two days later, on August 5, a gunman killed 6 people at a Sikh Temple in Oak Creek. On December 8, 2012, President Obama again spoke about tax cuts for middle class in his weekly address. Less than a week later, on December 14, a gunman killed 26 people in New Town, Connecticut. On September 16, 2013, President Obama spoke on the fifth anniversary of the financial crisis. This time, on the same day, a gunman killed 13 people in a US Navy Yard in Washington. As per The New York Times standard of causation, would it be fair to argue that every time President Obama speaks about the US economy, not coincidentally, a mass killing incident takes place? Certainly more evidence has been presented to arrive at this causation than was presented by The New York Times reporter while making allegations against Modi. This is the standard of bigotry and racism: Treating a comparable situation differently based upon race and identity.

The reporter makes other startling claims in his article which have not been substantiated or presents facts in a manner which hide the truth. Assertions by the reporter, such as, “Most of India’s Muslims hate him (Modi)”, are presented as facts. Maulana Vastanvi, former Vice Chancellor of Deoband, South Asia’s most respected Islamic theological school, and who comes from the state of Gujarat, is on record having praised the governance of Modi. “Gujarati Muslims had benefited from the inclusive development policies of Modi’s Government”, he said. This is substantiated by the fact that in most development indices, such as per capita income, per capita bank account deposits, reach of Government schools and health facilities in Muslims dominated clusters, Muslims in Gujarat fare far better than their counterparts in any other State. Not surprisingly, in the recent state elections in December 2012, BJP legislators have won from almost all constituencies where Muslims form a substantial portion of the electorate.

CP Scott, the legendary British journalist, gave this standard for journalistic ethics, and which has become the standard bearer by all respected publications throughout the world: “Comment is free but facts are sacred. “Propaganda”, so called, by this means is hateful.” It would seem, that for all its opposition to George W Bush, The New York Times relies more on the Bush doctrine of fact presentation than Scott’s ethics.

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26 York Times attacks Modi, sets new standards in dishonest journalism&id=nc

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  • Dinipc

    This is epic pwnage of the trash served by New York Times to its readers!

  • Murthy

    Sadly, many internationally renowned papers such as NYTimes, send poorly qualified reporters to their New Delhi Bureau. Some of them are ‘fresh out of school’ journalists or may have been selling underwear at some departmental store, before joining the newspaper as their New Delhi ‘correspondent’.

    Sri Akhilesh Sharma has raised some very pertinent questions: When the entire Iraq war is now confirmed to have been a nasty manipulation – by supressio veritas and suggestio falsi, that is, suppression of facts and suggestions of falsehoods, the leaders of the USA and of the U.K. are not called names by the NYTimes. It is in the USA that Sikhs are attacked regularly, Koran is attacked and at times copies made and nasty films about the Islamic Prophet made.

    The NY Times’s reporter cannot be taken seriously, if he links the Muzaffar Nagar riots to the nomination of Narendra Modi, because the nomination, in time sequence, could NOT have caused the riots. IF ANYTHING, it is possible that the RIOTS AIDED THE NOMINATION, considering it happened AFTER the riots.

    May be this reporter had been wined and dined too much by his admirers in New Delhi – most whom may be part of Lutyen’s Delhi Club. Perhaps, being poorly informed on the recent history of India or, perhaps, suffering from a hangover at that time, he could not make out which was the cause and which was the effect. He has opened himself to some speculation because of this poor report, full of rubbish.

    I hope when Sri NaMo is elected to become the new Premier of India, this reporter will walk his talk by NOT covering the Swearing Ceremony of Sri NaMo at Rashtrpathi Bhavan.

    My suggestion to him will be “Please have the good sense to leave India, along with Mr.U.R. AnantaMurthy and, possibly, the out-of-a-job Dr.MM Singh, a.s.a.p. BEFORE THE 2014 ELECTIONS.”

    Incidentally, Muslims, imo, definitely HATE THE NY TIMES – viewed by them as a ‘jewish’ paper. May be they are using this vilification of Sri NaMo to curry favour with the Muslims!!

    • Arun

      great and succinct analysis!!! I salute your ability to say the truth

    • Akhilesh Mishra

      Several things at play in such stories. One of course is to look at political leaders in India from the lens of a Western eye and thus subtle racism always at work. Something like, these people are still civilization wise behind us. Then of course, the fact that they would mingle with English speaking folks, during their stay in India, most of whom are co-opted by the establishment, works in ways to brainwash them.

    • Akhilesh Mishra

      There are several factors at play here. One is that people from Western countries still look upon most Asian countries as being pre-modern in terms of institutions and thus implicit racism is always there. Then of course the factor that, during their stay in India, they mostly interact with those who speak English, and who are likely co-opted by establishment, does have subtle brainwash effects.

  • Arun

    it is a pity that one of the most reputed papers, NYTimes is so callous in reporting that it may risk being sued for defamation, as American courts may not get swayed by defense like “denial of visa” to the so called mass murderer. if at all he is a mass murderer, he would be soon called mass murderer of pats incidents of immoral progress of people involved in hypocrisy, nepotism, lies, and traitors of the Indian nation

  • ajith

    i always belived Americans go the way they find money may be like prostitute who would sleep with any one for money


    Most American Newspapers like New York Times have been bought Islamists with Petro $. It is no wonder that bought out jounalists right such garbage.

  • shankar

    American Media (cottage industry) is also dependent on Modi..

    US equivalent of NDTV types..nothing surprising

  • Ajith

    Excellent piece! The one reason I keep coming back to NitiCentral :)

    • Akhilesh Mishra

      Thanks Ajith

  • ashik

    Please do not misdirect the your valuable readers.

  • samrat

    very clearly NYT is like a prostitude it will write who give him money. congis have give money to NYT sickular media

  • chanderkant Gautam

    The new york time is a sister of The Times of India or Like NDTV people like
    Barkha Dutt and wagle are also in new york time

  • Amit

    we have started an online petition against this NYT article and against these specific contributors/ that wrote these false accusatory news , see here..please sign this petition as well

  • Rohit

    Well, I can only say that the threads of leftist brotherhood run far and wide. Hypocrites at best. At worse, mass murderers themselves.

  • Ram Rajya

    I have been exclusively reading Niti Central for about a year now, and I must say that Modi can do no wrong. It is his so-called “critics” who are. Of course to call them “critics”–that is, the Congress party, the MSM, scholars in academia–is a compliment. They are mere trolls, aghast at the fact that “here is working-class, low-caste Hindu Gujarati, who is not ashamed of his roots. In fact, he is proud of them!”

    It seems now NYT has joined that list. I thank Mr. Akhilesh Mishra, known for his robust views on Twitter, in decimating the newspaper. One wonders–can he become I&B Minister in the upcoming NaMo cabinet?

  • Arun

    Anyone raised this with NYTimes? Any leagal action a possibility?

  • Venkataraman Balayogi
  • K. Ramani.

    Anyhow In America habit of reading news papers is dying rather in extinct. Americans in general poorly informed politically. They do not follow their national news least of all this NYT article. Maybe be this journalist got his feed back from so called intellectuals of New Delhi. Only this class might have read this particular article. Maybe be few people like us. It’s really not going to damage the image of NaMo. We Indians going to vote for him not these NYT journos.

  • maala

    It is TIME for all of us to stop subscribing the R**** magazine. All my family members subscribe to this this magazine. I request all Indians should stop patronizing this magazine.

  • Raj Dharm

    Muslim party’s riot responsibilities pinned on Modi, see the latest motivated head line on Modi in to day’s New york times (9-18-2013).
    First of all, this opinion will not see day of light, as many others. And even if it will be published non sequentially at the end of of the debate, the paid propaganda against Modi and vast majority of Hindus who want to use their democratic rights will continue. To day’s article “Campaign for Prime Minister in India gets off with violent start” is not open for discussion deliberately, as usual. But the answer to who started riots in Muzzaffarnagar is found by motive. Who is benefiting by riot and such well oiled propaganda? Obvious answer is sixty five years old.

    The above was sent to NY Times discussion column, which was never opened for discussion.

  • Dipak Bose

    Why are you so sensative? Do you suffer from a complex?
    Does it matter for the Americans if an Indian newspaper publishes an essay criticizing Obama or Palin or McCain. It does not, because Americans do not give a monkey about Indian newspapers; they think India cannot have any newspaper, as the Indians are all starving on the pavement and getting raped.
    Similarly, you should not give a monkey about what the British or Americans say about India.

  • PVas

    Indian readers need to acquaint themselves with the way many Western press/media function. The article below gives insight.

    “The tired old American press who could not investigate what was going on right under their noses during the time of Iraq invasion and occupation, are now calling for treason trial of a colleague who had more intelligence, courage and conviction than these privileged cowards. The public is shocked, disgusted and wants to know how many in the American press, pretending to be Right, Center or Left, work for the National Security Agency themselves. One would not be surprised if some of these anchormen and anchorwomen, and so called senior journalists, in the American popular TV, radio and press turn out to be spies.

    It was revealed that one Mr. Murphy, a journalist with Meet the Press, has personal investments with a private company that contracts with the NSA on surveillance. What kind of daring investigative work and objective analysis are these press, not surprisingly referred to as presstitude (like prostitutes, the press embedded to corporations and the people who pay their fat paychecks), going to do?

    MSNBC Online has stopped reporting on Snowden and provides headlines on issues that are so ridiculous and inane that it is almost sickeningly funny. It had a report on Mad Men (a television series of advertising men in the 1950s), a football player in trouble and a story about a CEO giving his plane seat to a distressed mother (while social workers sacrifice everyday to save lives…one rich dude gets attention for giving up his plane seat for a few hours).”

  • Shailesh Gujral

    simple question who is a leader ? leader is a person who by virtue of his spoken words or a slogan and actions can make the mass of public gather behind him for a specific purpose. A person like Man Mohan Singh or rahul gandhi when they talk they dont motivate anyone instead they just present a sorry figure of themselves and a picture of doom and gloom . Can a person who instead of motivating and lightening up the spirits of the masses cut a sorry figure and spreads a negative energy can spread any message to be followed by masses. the answer is a big No. Subhash Chandra Bose-Tum mujhe khoon do main tumhein azadi dunga / Chandra shekhar azad – Azadi mera janam sidh adhikaar hai aur wo main lekar rahunga / Lal Bahadur Shastri- Jai Jawan Jai Kisan / Gandhi- Ahimsa not only these great people gave a slogan but they by virtue of their speeches made the world obey and follow them . In todays era there is only one person who has the aura to take the masses with him for the common cause of the nation which surely is corruption free , nationalistic nation. Who that leader can be is anybody’s guess.And he sure does not lose files to destroy evidences of his corruption

  • cvrkrao

    the article is very clean and clear. it portrays very nakedly the true colour of its journalistic ethics and bias against india’s nationalistic party, which is most likely to rule the 120 crore people of india. The NY appears to be an ally of UPA in India

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