What Kejriwal will do to solve our Pakistan problem

What Kejriwal will do to solve our Pakistan problemFor long, Arvind Kejriwal’s worth has been questioned on the basis of the AAP’s idea vacuum on matters of foreign affairs, economic policy, and other similar larger issues. But those days are now behind us.

That’s right! The AAP chief has put all doubts to rest by admitting himself that issues of national intrest are none of his concern. In an interview given to News X channel, Kejriwal dodged real quick when asked about his views on Pakistan-aided terrorism and said that such questions should be asked of the Home Minister. When the interviewer persisted with the question, arguing that such terror attacks have happened in delhi as well, Kejriwal said it would be better if they returnned to the question later.

The next question put to Kejriwal about Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde’s letter to Chief Ministers asking them not to arrest minorities. Kejriwal responded by expressing a desire to come “back to Delhi” and promised that he will answer this question in December. Why December? One wonders.

How Kejriwal will solve Pakistan issue

Eventually, Kejriwal was found questioning the “motive” of the interview. Upon being assured by the interviewer that he was just trying to know him better, Kejriwal abruptly left the interview after saying he had to address the Press. Go figure!

Kejriwal’s self-righteous approach towards politics leaves many important aspects of governance out. Law & order is one of them, foreign policy is another. So while it may be possible to seduce the masses with grand promises of a corruption-free India, keeping the illusion alive takes more effort than Kejriwal seems to be willing to make.


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