Rajat Sharma exposes Kejriwal’s anti-corruption crusade

Niticentral Staff | Oct 14, 2013

Rajat Sharma exposes Kejriwal's anti-corruption crusadeAam Aadmi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal appeared in an interview with Rajat Sharma’s TV show Aap Ki Adalat. Several allegations were made against Kejriwal ahead of upcoming Delhi Assembly election, in the show.

Here are some excerpts:

Allegation 1: Kejriwal has betrayed the people of this country

Rajat Sharma: Last time when you came on our show I asked you to make your own party if you want to eradicate corruption.

Arvind Kejriwal: I am contesting election after your suggestion.

Sharma: You are contesting for election on my advice or at Digvijay Singh’s who once said you should come into politics?

Kejriwal: You are all my friends and I acted on everybody’s advice. I had it all in the past two years after the Government betrayed us on Anna’s Lok Bill. That is why I decided to form my own party.

Sharma: If your intentions for making a political party were so noble then why Anna did not associate with you and your party?

Kejriwal: We tried a lot to make Anna understand that there is no other alternative to eliminate corruption except coming into politics but he continued to maintain that politics is bad.

Sharma: Isn’t it a betrayal with Anna? You picked his cap but left him and his ideologies behind.

Kejriwal: We tried a lot to persuade Anna but he did not listen to us. We think its time to act, not make ties.

Sharma: There is a leader who’s ideology matches exactly with you who says there is no time to make treaties. He is Rahul Gandhi. So there is ideologically no difference between you and him.

Kejriwal: There is a difference in what he practices and preaches.

Allegation 2: His campaign is not civilised

Sharma: Since you come from a civil society, your election campaigns were expected to be civilised and decent. But one of your ad campaign posters demeaned the female Chief Minister of Delhi saying “vote for Shiela Dikshit to continue making Delhi unsafe for women”.

Kejriwal: What wrong did we say?

Sharma: You are calling BJP’s Delhi unit chief Vijay Goel corrupt. Do you have any proof?

Kejriwal: Yes. He is charging Rs 2 crore each for an Assembly seat in Delhi. I would suggest you conduct a sting operation against him.

Sharma: You are saying BJP is going to lose the election in Delhi. Why would they pay crores for losing an election?

Kejriwal: AAP is going to form Government in Delhi.

Sharma: There are graft charges against your party member Prashant Bhushan. Have you carried out any probe against him?

Kejriwal: Set up a probe against him. If it gets proved in court, send him in jail.

Sharma: You came into the field to get the Jan Lokpal Bill implemented, but you stepped into politics.

Kejriwal: We are going to form a Government in December and we’ll get the Jan Lokpal Bill passed within 15 days.

Allegation 3: You are making compromises to win election.

Sharma: All the pre-poll surveys are showing your party at number three in the poll race.

Kejriwal: Those surveys are all fraudulent.

Sharma: You mean the surveys conducted by your members are true and the rest are fraud?

Kejriwal: Like the 2G scam and several others there was also a survey scam.

Sharma: You call Congress and BJP corrupt parties but 15 of your 70 candidates in Delhi were BJP and Congress MLAs in the past. Does that mean that whosoever joins your party, miraculously becomes a truthful one?

Kejriwal: BJP and Congress are mafias. We welcome anyone who wants a change.

Sharma: One of your candidates, Deshraj Raghav has made several scams in ration shops. We have fetched the information against him through RTI. There is a complaint against him in Lokayukta.

Kejriwal: He’s being framed by a BJP leader.

Sharma: The same Deshraj Raghav’s father passed away four-and-a-half years back but he is still seeking the latter’s pension. We have the documents against him.

Kejriwal: He had written a letter to the bank long back but the Government has not taken any action. Had you told me what you are going to ask I would have brought my documents as well. These are one sided documents that you are showing.

Sharma: Well, your party also does the same when you make allegations against anyone.

Allegation 4: AAP lacks vision for Delhi.

Sharma: Several people accuse you of betraying Anna. They claim, someone who can betray Anna can betray the country as well.

Kejriwal: These things are done by our political rivals. This is politics and we will have to face it.


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