In Madhya Pradesh, lotus ponds give Congress a headache

In Madhya Pradesh, lotus ponds give Congress a headacheIn a bizarre move, the Madhya Pradesh Congress has asked the Election Commission to hide lotus ponds from the eyes of voters. This desperate attempt by Congress is to keep voters away from the BJP’s party symbol.

The lotus is India’s national flower in addition to being the symbol of the BJP. Assembly election in the State is around the corner and this absurd move by the Congress has been severely criticised by the BJP, which is in power in the State. BJP spokesperson Vishwas Sarang slammed the Opposition and said “it shows the mental bankruptcy of Congress. It means people should start covering their hands because it is the symbol of the party.”

The Congress demand was rejected outright by the MP Chief Electoral Officer, Jaideep Govind who said that it was ‘neither practical nor feasible’.

Govind told a press conference that these lotuses had been standing in water bodies for a long time and as such they do not have anything to do with the elections.

In its complaint, Congress demanded a level-playing field with the BJP and sought suitable directions to “hide all ponds” where lotus is cultivated and sold.

BJP is heading for a big win in the coming Assembly election in Madhya Pradesh according to the latest CSDS opinion poll. The opinion poll also projects that the ruling BJP in Madhya Pradesh will win 148 to 160 seats in the 230-member Assembly, while the Congress will get 52 to 62 seats, BSP 3 to 7 seats and Others 10 to 18 seats.

The opinion poll further suggests that 72 per cent of the respondents are satisfied with the ruling BJP Government in MP.

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