Relief to pensioners as Supreme Court dismisses review petition by Centre

Niticentral Staff | Nov 13, 2013

Relief to pension holders as Supreme Court dismisses review petition by Centre

In a big relief to hundreds of pensioners, the Supreme Court has dismissed a review petition by the Centre which challenged a Delhi High Court order which  had directed that the arrears of the rectification of pensionary anomalies of the 6th Pay Commission would flow from January 01, 2006 instaed of September 24, 2012 as had been granted by the Government.

The order in effect is applicable to all central Government pensioners, including defence pensioners.

The controversy had emanated from the fact whether the benefits of the correct pension were to flow from January 01, 2006 which is the date from which the 6th Pay Commission recommendations were implemented or from September 24, 2012 when the Governmnt had decided to remove the anomalies in the pension structure after the said Pay Commission.

It was held by Courts that the removal of the anomalies shall date back to the date of the inception of the said anomalies and not any later artificial date.

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