Aam Admi Party a playground for crorepatis

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Niticentral Staff15 Nov 2013

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Half Of the 18 Aam Aadmi Party affidavits that have been uploaded on the Delhi Election Commission site so far declare that they have assets worth over a crore, nine candidates have declared assets worth over a crore. The assets which have been accounted for include the value immoveable assets such as land and moveable assets such as jewellery, cash and motor vehicles.

In a stunning revelation former media person Shazia Ilmi seems to be the richest candidate so far, with assets belonging to her and her husband Sajir Siraj Malik totalling more than Rs 30 crore. Ilmi, a former television news anchor, is contesting Assembly from the RK Puram constituency. Barkha Singh of the Congress is currently holding the seat.

Controversial candidate Deshraj Raghav, has also declared assets over Rs 12 crore. Interestingly Raghav’s announcement as AAP candidate from the Uttam Nagar seat had come as a major shock local volunteers of the party, who had strongly prosted against his candidature.

The others AAP candidates that have made it to the crorepati list include Baljit Singh Mann a farmer who is contesting from the Narela seat with assets of Rs 8.67 crore, Girish Soni, a leather businessman from Madipurat Rs 1.25 crore, Prit Pal Singh who is self-employed is contesting upcoming Assembly elections from Rajouri Garden at Rs 1.7 crore.

AAP candidate from Tilak Nagar Jarnail Singh has assets worth Rs 1.7 crore, Whereas AAP candidate Mahinder Yadav from Vikaspuri has assets worth Rs 1.57 crore. Narender Singh Sejwal, a businessman who is contesting from Mehrauli on AAP ticket has assets worth Rs 3.07 crore and Advocate Dharambir Singh from Kalkaji seat at Rs 1.04 crore.

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http://www.niticentral.com/emailshare/emailshare.php?pid=158045&url=http://www.niticentral.com/2013/11/15/9-aap-candidates-have-assets-worth-crores-158045.html&title=Aam Admi Party a playground for crorepatis&id=nc

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  • bose

    Voting for AAP will be waste vote. AAP does not have a plan or method or model for governance, let alone good governance.

    • Sumit Agrawal

      Although its not correct but for a moment let’s assume its right, the most important thing that they have is political will and the right intention.

  • Hari Singh

    So what? It is not the same as thousands of crores earned by our politicians. These days in a major metro like Delhi even if you own a small piece of land , it is worth more than a crore. Most of the middle classes own a piece of land and a house etc which makes them a crorepati. It doesn’t mean they are bad. Shazia Ilmi was a popular tv personality and her husband is a well to do guy and I’m sure they would have invested their earnings in land and real estate. Nothing wrong in it. These days I’m getting disappointed with NC for such mud slinging.

    • Sayan Sen

      If AAP manages a decent show in Delhi Assembly elections, it will spur many grassroots movements across the country. Niti Central is surely scared that AAP will eat through BJP’s vote share. :) And only BJP is to be blamed for it. Leaders like BSY, Reddy brothers,Nitin Gadkari had already managed a Congressization of BJP in etrms of corruption. Modi & Advani are surely honest but there are lots of rotten apples in BJP basket. I am urging BJP supporters to dump the lotus and choose broom. A strong AAP show in Delhi will force BJP central leadership to clean their house. Jai Hind!Jai Modi!Jai Kejriwal! :)

  • db

    caror pati is not an issue. delhi is laboratory.
    if you see congress and aap has common goad which is keep BJP away from rule. if this will success in delhi (even hung parliament is good result for them) then they will replicate all over india. hope people will behave wisely.
    i wish in future only BJP and AAP survive. for that AAP need to work some time as opposition to test their true intention.

  • Sharan Singh

    Aam admi party is not Aam Admi party any more! Looking at their candidates, it becomes now party for rich. Kesriwal, enjoy your company with rich! Still time coming when you will support Congress as ruling party once election is over and you will enjoy billions of rupees gift from Congress for such support! This makes us disappointed and our goal to remove corrupt Congress from power seems impossible with Kesriwal’s (not aam Admi) party. Good luck Dr. Harshvardhan and BJP, you will have our votes now instead of Kesriwal and company which is promoting Congress rule in coming election and pro election period. We know very well that Modi, BJP and Dr. Harshverdhan would never promote Congress and that assurance now prompted us to shift to BJP! Enjoy Kesrwal, your madhurajani with sadi hui Congress.

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