Why BJP will not form Government in Delhi, Harsh Vardhan explains

Why BJP will not form Government in Delhi, Harsh Vardhan explains

Below is a translation of Harsh Vardhan’s letter to the Lt Governor explaining why the BJP will not form Government in Delhi. The original letter, in Hindi, follows after.

December 12, 2013


The Lt Governor

Najeeb Jung

New Delhi

Respected Jung Sahab,

I received your letter regarding a discussion on the possibilities about Government-formation in Delhi. The people of Delhi are troubled with rising inflation, corruption and other burning issues. Amidst all this frustration and disappointment, the Capital’s public had to face the Legislative Assembly election. I have been serving as an MLA here for the past 20 years. Everyday, I am confronted with people’s grief and their issues. Being a doctor by profession, I can know the disease and the causes behind it only after seeing the patient.

The main reason behind the issues which the people of Delhi face is the misrule and disillusioning policies of Congress. On many occasions, the BJP has raised its voice on roads and also in the Legislative Assembly for the cause of the problems faced by the people of Delhi. The Congress, instead of solving the problems the public is facing, has left them unheard. Consequent to this, the Congress was able to win only eight seats in the Delhi Legislative Assembly election. Even the strong Chief Minister of Delhi lost the election. After the Legislative Assembly elections, the BJP wanted to bring happiness to the people after receiving a clear verdict. But, this did not happen as the BJP did not receive a clear majority by four seats.

In politics, the BJP has remained a supporter of clean politics, transparency, honesty and being answerable. Power to us is a means to care and serve and not just a means to fulfill ambitions. Moving ahead on this path, the BJP wants to solve the problems the people of Delhi are facing. In a democracy, if I get a chance to do this by forming an elected Government in the future, I assure you that the Capital’s public will feel proud about their decision on their choice of the Chief Minister.

Delhi’s wise public has given us a verdict for ruling the Capital. This is why the BJP has emerged as the single largest party. But in a situation where we have not received a clear majority, I, with my party’s support, while abiding by the high tradition of abiding by the political ideals, would choose to sit in the Opposition.

With regards,

Dr Harsh Vardhan

Can’t form Government without majority, will sit in opposition: Harsh Vardhan

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Why BJP will not form Government in Delhi, Harsh Vardhan explains


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Offstumped Report

  • mhndv

    decision not to form government is proper, as neither Congress nor AAP is
    prepared to support BJP. Whereas Congress and lone JDU member are ready to lend
    unconditional support to AAP so the figure reaches to majority and hence onus
    is on AAP to form government. Than why AAP is reluctant? Simple! AAP had not
    expected that they will get this much seats, so what is the problem in
    promising moon? And consequently went on promise-spree. Like Rahul visiting poor’s’
    hut once or twice they also went on street-cleaning drive in one or two streets
    for a day or two. But now they have realized that with the kind of lot they
    have it would be suicidal to take the responsibility. Even their propaganda to
    promote the design that LOKPAL is their brain-child (even not of ANNA too) will
    also burst. Much before them LOKPAL issue was placed in parliament but due to
    lack of majority could not see the light of the day. Yes Annaji deserve the
    credit that he brought in the lime-light again and not the bunch of Kejriwals.