Devyani Khobragade row: More to it than meets the eye

Devyani Khobragade row: More to it than meets the eye

Devyani Khobragade row: More to it than meets the eye

Devyani Khobragade, the diplomat who was publicly handcuffed, arrested and subjected to indecent body searches and locked up with lumpen drug addicts and other convicts prior to receiving bail last week, could have inadvertently compromised Indian security by harbouring a mole in her domestic establishment. A top strategic expert, who wished to remain unnamed, says it is important that India understand how Khobragade engaged Sangeeta Richards, the nanny-cum-housekeeper behind the trouble, and took her to America.

Our diplomatic mess is of our own making

That there is a larger conspiracy behind the episode is evident from the fact that on December 10, two days before the diplomat’s arrest (December 12), Sangeeta Richards’s husband, Philip, and two children quietly flew to America by an Air India flight. Somebody in Washington had helped them procure visas, a highly unusual development, since the Indian Government had revoked Sangeeta Richards’s official passport in July and asked for her to be deported to India. Usually such a dramatic evacuation is done only to protect US spies; hence it is important to investigate the Richard family, its associations, and bank accounts.

The Richard family seems well networked with the diplomatic community. Sangeeta’s father-in-law reportedly works in the American embassy in Delhi; her mother-in-law is said to have worked for a senior US diplomat; her husband, Philip, was a driver with the Mozambique embassy. Philip was granted a T-visa, which allows victims of human trafficking and immediate family members to remain and work temporarily in the United States if they agree to assist law enforcement in testifying against the perpetrators. This suggests a larger conspiracy.

American conspiracy behind Devyani Khobragde’s arrest

Sangeeta Richards arrived in the US in November 2012 to work as a domestic help for India’s deputy consul general in New York. She allegedly wanted to do extra work outside on her off days, but was told it was illegal under her visa status and because she had an official passport. But on June 23, she simply walked out, and two weeks later turned up at an immigration attorney’s firm in Manhattan, New York, alleging that she was overworked and underpaid. She had clearly rustled up some powerful support, or was known to the US authorities all along, given the employment profile of her marital family.

The MEA has since revealed that on July 1, Devyani Khobragade received a telephone call from an unidentified woman who said Richards would not go to court if her employment was terminated and she was paid for 19 hours of work per day. On July 2, the diplomat informed the Office of Foreign Missions and the New York Police Department about the call, in writing. But on July 8, she was called by the immigration lawyer’s office and asked to pay $10,000, convert Sangeeta Richards’s passport into an ordinary one and help her get a visa to stay on in America.

India needs to show more diplomatic muscle: YES / NO

Alarmed at this development, the Indian Government revoked Richards’s official passport, which made her status illegal in the US, and asked the State Department to locate and send her back to India. The request was repeated in September; the same month, the Delhi High Court issued an interim injunction restraining Richards from instituting any action or proceeding against Khobragade outside India regarding her employment and to settle all disputes in India as both women worked for the Government of India. The Indian mission informed the US authorities that as the maid was seeking a US visa, she was violating laws in both countries. On November 21, the Saket district court issued a non-bailable warrant for Sangeeta Richards, and India asked the US to help serve the warrant and repatriate the maid.

The MEA clearly erred in not issuing an immigration alert for Richards’s husband and children once the State Department proved so uncooperative, and since Philip Richards initially filed a missing persons report about his wife but later withdrew it. The authorities took six days after Khobragade’s arrest to realise that the family had flown the coop.

With hindsight, it seems that Richards’s walkout was part of a plan in concert with American authorities; the luckless Indian diplomat seems collateral damage. New Delhi must figure out the US game plan and enlighten the nation. Sangeeta Richards has received US hospitality for six months and now her family has surreptitiously been taken to settle in America. This makes a mockery of the US claim that Khobragade was arrested because she was not paying her staff according to the hourly minimum wage in America.

The Sangeeta Richards episode brings to mind the 2004 affair of Army Major and CIA mole, Rabinder Singh, who was serving as a joint secretary in the Research & Analysis Wing (R&AW), when he escaped to the United States with his wife after causing untold damage to India’s national interests and security. Former R&AW special secretary and head of the counter-intelligence unit, Amar Bhushan, uncovered the scandal in his book, Escape to Nowhere. It seems Indian intelligence was aware of Singh’s betrayal and was monitoring him closely for three months when he suspected that he had been unmasked and escaped via Kathmandu with the help of the CIA station chief there.

The lesson which India never learnt is that the US compulsorily retired the Kathmandu station head to punish him for failing to evacuate Singh covertly and exposing CIA’s hand in the episode. But in India, the 57 employees of R&AW who regularly shared information with Singh remained in the organisation; 26 were not even asked for an explanation and 31 who had shared operational details with him were posted abroad.

After Dr Manmohan Singh became Prime Minister, the CIA tried to infiltrate the National Security Council Secretariat (NSCS), which is part of the Prime Minister’s Office. Some NSCS staffers were suspected of having clandestine links with an unnamed lady CIA officer posted as a diplomat in the US embassy in Delhi. Her task was to liaise with concerned Government departments in connection with the Indo-US Cyber Security Forum set up when Atal Bihari Vajpayee was Prime Minister. She reportedly used this opportunity to allegedly recruit moles in the NSCS, which coordinates the work of the Indo-US Cyber Security Forum.

Previously also, the Indian intelligence community has been suborned by the CIA at middle and senior levels. Just eight months after Rajiv Gandhi became Prime Minister in 1984, India’s biggest and most serious spy scandal broke, resulting in the arrest of 15 officials, including TN Kher, personal assistant to Principal Secretary PC Alexander. The scandal involved thousands of top secret documents and code books being photocopied and faxed from the PMO itself. Alexander resigned on ‘moral grounds’.

Then, the head of the R&AW office in Chennai, an IPS officer in the rank of director, was found to have clandestine contacts with a CIA officer posted in the US consulate there. Tipped off by the Intelligence Bureau (IB), R&AW immediately detained and interrogated him for one year at New Delhi’s Tihar Jail, but he was not prosecuted.

In the 1990s, when PV Narasimha Rao was Prime Minister, a very senior IPS officer serving in the IB was suspected to be working for Heidi August, a CIA officer posted as a diplomat at the US embassy in Delhi. He was exposed when a junior IB officer accidentally discovered that Heidi August had a mobile phone registered in the senior officer’s name. The officer was sent on premature retirement after the IB and R&AW confirmed his treason.

This brings us back to Devyani Khobragade, who has been unjustly accused of underpaying an employee who is possibly an ‘asset’ of a foreign agency. The Indian Government, which failed to retaliate when former President APJ Abdul Kalam was double frisked at an American airport, former Defence Minister George Fernandes was strip searched, and attempts were made to humiliate diplomat Hardeep Puri, must ensure that Washington release the diplomat unconditionally and with full apology, and explain its inexplicable interest in the Richards family.

The initial Indian reaction to the arrest – snub to a visiting Congress delegation; revocation of diplomatic IDs to US consul staff and their families; withdrawal of airport passes and import clearances; removal of security barricades around the American Embassy on Shanti Path; and demand for information about wages paid to Indians employed by the US mission and by individual diplomats in India – is inadequate given the enormity of the provocation.

Russia fumes as diplomats charged with cheating

The Government of India, backed as it is by the entire nation, must respond in a more muscular fashion, commensurate to the offence in which the US Government has knowingly helped Sangeeta Richards commit an immigration fraud and evade Indian justice. In these circumstances, Secretary of State John Kerry’s telephonic apology to National Security Adviser Shivshankar Menon is a meaningless diplomatic nicety since the US is standing by the arrest. Worse, the US marshal service seems to have flouted its own rules by subjecting the diplomat to intrusive strip and cavity searches, when these can be done only if there is “reasonable suspicion” that the person arrested is carrying contraband or weapons, is a repeat offender or is considered a security, escape or suicide risk. None of these conditions apply to Devyani Khobragade.

Diplomat row: Politicians slam John Kerry, say mere regret won’t work

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  • Jim D’bruissiant

    She was never handcuffed in public.

    She should have been for trying to keep a slave on U.S. soil.

    I believe we should now deport any indian with an H1-B visa from The United States since Indians seem incapable of following American laws when they come here.

    • black sheep

      Sure, while you are at it, please make Pakistan your 51st state. We can trade blows in full public glare instead of indulging in this silly shadow boxing where you use Pakistan as a proxy to attack India. How many Americans respect and follow Indian laws? You would know, considering the number of Americans who were honorably sent back to America after being caught pants down for spying, good number of them being nailed with evidence as CIA agents. Is India a friend or foe? Think its time for you guys to decide and make up your mind.

      • Jim D’bruissiant

        With draw all aid from India, monetary and food and then sit back and watch them starve. Gonna get food aid from China?! Lol.

        India should collectively get on her knees and beg The United States and her people, every single one of them, for forgiveness for thinking they can keep slaves on our soil.

        India, her government, and her people can all kiss my big fat, hairy, red, Irish American Ass.

        • black sheep

          Ah, the obviously ignorant Amerikunt who doesn’t know didly squat about India. Back your fatuous claims with DATA – in the form of AID/Monetary/Food else STFU. Whatever money that comes to India in the form of AID is for rice bag convert Christians like the maid, Sangeeta Richard and her ilk. A potato eating Irish prick talks about food. Har har har.. time someone told you clowns about the great famine. No, India doesn’t need any money nor food from the USA. This comes from the 800 million strong middle class, which has enough CASH and GOLD to pay its bills, unlike a bankrupt nation like America with a debt of 106 percent of its GDP and survives on selling paper dreams to Asia, yes, am talking bonds. Now go suck on the dingleberry sticking to your red Irish Amerikunt Ass.

          • SportyDude

            You gave it back with interest black sheep to this fat, dirty stinking American assh*le. No wonder – these stinking Americans get their ass stuffed outside their country as no one gives a shit about their so called greatness. If only it is ever found that this Jim D’bruissiant is in India, he would be lynched by the Delhi crowd.

          • observer

            These ass hole americans needs to clean their house first before trying to clean others. They still treat Blacks and other minorities like dirts. Look at how they treat their own first African American president Obama. He is really hated by most of the white americans and we can see that frustrations in the right wing medias. America is still ruled by an elite white upper class who has the money to by anything including the legal system their and that is how they get the blacks and non-white minorities locked up if they talk against them. It has the worst human rights abuse patterns in the world.

          • A

            Aid ? What aid ?

        • Shahrukh Paikhan

          Slavery is sanctioned in Bible and you Americans given a chance would love to enslave the blacks again along with other colored people. Without Indians, we know what you dumb a$$ whites can do. Can’t even write decent code to get a piddly health care system to work! ROTFLMAO!

          • Gaurang G. Vaishnav

            Though I am not into mutual bashing, I like your comment about code for health care system. But then again, looking to preponderance of Indian IT guys in USA, most likely the code was written by Indians!

    • Rationalist Central

      What slave, the maid was getting 30000 INR, a VERY handsome amount for a maid. And she was free to leave anytime she wanted to. Infact she did actually leave. Any maid from india would give their right arm for such a dream job. AND she was getting free lodging, food clothes as well as a dollar allowance.

      You can’t be so irrational as to convert an Indian pay in indian rupees and convert it to USD and say it is less than US minimum wage.

      And worker wages for consullar officials like Devyani ARE NOT subject to local laws as per the vienna convention.

      • Gaurang G. Vaishnav

        have you ever read Vienna Convention? Your assertion is incorrect. Secondly, it does not matter what her salary come sou tin Indian Rupees. When you live in USA, your expenses ar ein real dollars, no tin rupees. No one can live in USA on such pittance, even with free food.

        • kb

          Free food, accommodation of tow nice rooms, medicals, travel, free Sundays. Slave? Most US nannies would love this. Not defending DK but stating facts !

        • Rationalist Central

          Yes I have, have you? Read article 47 of the convention. Also note that no country has uptill now failed to follow the protocols of conduct on countries as to how a diplomat is to be treated under the convention. Even the Nazi never did that. Vienna convention supersedes all local laws, even the constitution of the local country. US has breached international laws and their agents are now acting outside the law when they arrested Devyani, incarcerated her, handcuffed her and stripped and cavity searched her.

          Essentially she was kidnapped and sexually assaulted.

          All other alligations and counter alligations are of lessor significance than this. Even if a diplomat is alleged to have murdered, the vienna convention still is not to be breached.

          What was protocol was US authorities should handed over Deviyani to the indian embassy and asked them to send her back (expel the diplomat). Devyani is ex consul general of New York, not a low level support staff. US law, and US soil and all that jingoistic crap wont do you any good here what so ever

  • db

    what is going on? looks like fooling people. does she spy or her worker spying in india?

  • Guest

    It will be interesting if background of Preet Bharara can be researched? Did he by any chance grow up in a Khalistan supporting family? Even today there are many rabid anti-India, Khalistan families in North America. I wouldn’t be surprised this guy grew up in a rabid anti_india environment. The US having done its due diligence will know this, and accordingly how to use him and how much to trust him.

    To by Punjabi brothers… apologies in advance. Now, to cover his Khalistan sympathies (if they exist) or to simply establish further ‘credentials’, Preet may make an example of one of you very obviously Punjabi people. Sorry if that happens.

    • black sheep

      He went after a lot of Russians too, 26 of them if the numbers are to be believed.

      • malavika

        No, he chickened out. He did not prosecute the Russians or Saudis.

      • b

        Most if not all the diplomats he sued have been freed. Apparently they committed million dollar frauds.

    • Gaurang G. Vaishnav

      Preet Bharara has reputation as a non-nonsense guy. He was instrumental in prosecuting Bernie Maddof and any other high rollers. Shame on you for making wild accusations instead of accepting the fact that Ms. Khobragade, who already has history of fraud with Adarsh Society, defrauded USA by willfully lieing on her maid’s visa application and then underpaying her.

  • mohd_gndu

    the maid is an xian and a traitor, the maid was trying to convert the Khobragade family but was rebuffed, hence the victimization.

    • Gaurang G. Vaishnav

      What nonsense!

  • Prasun

    Superb article. Loved it.

  • Tilak

    Judging by modus operandi revealed, it is almost certain that the Richards family had some sort of intelligence role and nanny herself may have been one of their operatives as well. Do note European and the US embassies rarely employ non Christian local employees, except for Gurkhas in the British embassy, used as their historic cannon fodder.

    • Gaurang G. Vaishnav

      ” Do note European and the US embassies rarely employ non Christian local employees, ” at least that part seems to be true.

  • Gagan

    This is how the CIA protects its operatives and plants. There’s many many such in Delhi esp. Glad this has blown open. The deliberate disinformation in the western media and US slant that Indians must lump it is totally unacceptable

  • svpban

    very good article. The so called electronic media experts, who had traced nitin gadkari’s firms, should do investigation on the background of sangeeta and her family and expose the americans. mere shouting and discussing will not do any good to the diplomat. The steps taken by the MEA to the american embassy and its occupants is a welcome, except the removing of barricades. This may result in security lapse , which is not in the interest of our country.

  • Sri Aiyer Raju Sreenivasan

    Rabinder Singh, an Indian traitor working for CIA, was the one who immediately came to my mind reading news related to this episode. By now he must be a drug addict existing on American doles after blowing away his ill-gotten wealth as a renegade, and he must be a pimp on American streets for his own family members. Well.

    But a Nanny in a diplomat’s household, it never occurred to me as to what kind of an intelligence asset she can be for a third country. Therefore I dismissed this espionage angle from my mind and thought on different angles. Now I realize it is a very serious matter, and it is better dealt with by people in the business. I should have known better after witnessing what a baby sitting au pair (nanny) has done to my own country!

    • exposing soniaamma

      Sreenivasan ji,

      The barb is well aimed! Kudos! But just be careful Shinde and Sibal do not knock on your door!

    • Gaurang G. Vaishnav

      I do nto agree with the conspiracy theory but your this statement:

      “I should have known better after witnessing what a baby sitting au pair (nanny) has done to my own country!” made my day!

  • Narayan

    What Kerry said means 1) American legal procedures correct and no apology is warranted; cavity searches of Indian women, even diplomats, are entirely acceptable. 2) He regretted the events that have transpired since the effective rape of the Indian diplomat lady. 3) the subsequent Indian rage at the assault against an Indian women is what he regretted – meaning you natives straighten your act. He expressed NO regret over arrest, treatment and violation of diplomatic protocol.

    • Gaurang G. Vaishnav

      There was no violation of diplomatic protocol. Indain government was informed in September that Ms. Khobragade was under scanner. Diplomatic immunity at her level, does not cover criminal acts.

  • Kalyan

    Brilliant investigative report, Sandhya ji. Have Devyani and MEA goofed up recruiting Sangeetha Richard? Devyani’s transfer to UN Mission tells a story: has she compromised any sensitive info. of NY Consulate by employing Sangeetha R? Read
    Preet Bharara’s statement. And Devyani’s father said Sangeetha left the house in June with a file, containing what?

  • Rajeev

    What about making false contract to get the visa for maid? Is it not true that Devyani tried to cheat the US system? If not then she is innnocent

  • GKS

    In 2011, Krittika Biswas, daughter of Indian diplomat Debashish Biswas, in Indian
    Consulate General in New York City was handcuffed and locked up for more than
    24 hours after a shoddy probe by administrators into alleged obscene e-mails
    sent to two teachers in her school. Her claims of diplomatic immunity were ignored. She was later declared innocent!

  • Asutosh Bardhan

    Surely there is something fishy about the Maid. If she is a modern day Mata Hari, it has more to do with the inept RAW / IB than with the IFS which is jumping like a cat on a hot tin roof.
    My immediate points are for the IFS.
    a) Does the IFS have a selection committee? If there is Ms Devyani Choragade would not have got through. In 2005 she and her dad wilfully and intentionally with full knowledge usurped the homes belonging to Kargil war widows.
    b) Where was the IFS when eminent Indians were searched and disrobed at US Airports?
    c) Where was the IFS when soldiers at the borders lost their heads and genitals.

    Ms Devyani matter is nowhere close to comparison of the above examples. There is no doubt that she has broken the laws of the host country by giving false information (like Adarsh Scam). In these criminal activities she was NOT representing India, but only her selfish self. Her “cavity search” of the lower half with a torch light does not diminish the dignity of an Indian. This is the procedure for law breakers for their own
    The blame lies squarely with the MEA. Please do not post tainted people abroad. A Chor will always remain a Chor. It is India that pays.

    • Chetan Bohra

      Just deserts. Justice is quick outside.

    • Gaurang G. Vaishnav

      Very well said. While I respect Sandhya Jain, I am amazed at her contention that ” A diplomat IS the country; there is no right or wrong here.” I have dealt with Indian consulate staff for years and they are the worst kind of Maharajas and crooks. If they are indeed the “country: then I have to worry about the “country” itself.

      • kb

        I have usually seen sympathetic folk doing the best they can .

  • randomreader

    The spy angle is a hypthesis, but there’s a simpler explanation why the family was evacuated from India. The NY court documents list the maid’s husband as a witness2 (she herself being witness 1) and lists the chronology of alleged actions of Khobragade. Under US’s witness security program any witnesses for cases under investigation can be taken under federal protection involving relocation, change of names/ids etc. Given the court stated facts of the case its very likely that the family was evacuated for their protection, in advance of the legal proceedings. Rabinder Singh is a spy mole no doubt, but just the fact that persons were whisked away from India to the US doesn’t make them spies. Given the enormous buildup in the India media, it is understandable that many will choose to speculate further rather than question the facts that are being touted. For starters, much of the Indian media was stating that Khobragade was handcuffed. Attorney Bharara went on record to deny that.
    Khobragade may as well get full diplomatic immunity and the case might be dropped too. But think what if there were say, allegations of abuse ? Would we still think along “diplomatic pride” ? Only time will tell what the complete facts of the case are. At the end I’m sure many in the media will want to forget how they jumped to conclusions.

  • randomreader

    Handcuffed ? Attorney Bharara has denied that publicly. It would be good to get his description of the arrest incident, rather than imagining public arrest, handcuff etc.
    Hope this comment goes through uncensored ( Yes, the last one didn’t get through even though nothing offensive was mentioned, only facts)

    • ARN

      only facts that your american media spoon fed you ! what makes you think your bharara is telling the truth while the very person who suffered is Not ? It is you who has a slave mentality and not us in India, Moron !!!

      • Gaurang G. Vaishnav

        Not necessarily. Calling someone moron also indicates that you cannot argue rationally. There are consequences in USA for the prosecutor (Mr. Bharara) to lie unlike in India. It is not question of slavish mentality, instead Indians having remained slaves for a thousand years, have slavery ingrained in their DNA. If it were not so an Italian maid would not be ruling them and destroying their culture wantonly.

        • lol

          consequences in USA for lies: Like Clinton faced for lying.

        • Rationalist Central

          It is very rational to call a moron a moron. Your posts are evidence that you are a moron.

          You have zero understanding of the specific case and are throwing your own prejudiced generalizations as arguments, which ever side you are on. That makes you a bonafide MORON.

        • RV

          You missed one tiny word when Bharara said ” .. she was not THEN handcuffed”. All he stated was that she was not handcuffed when she was dropping off the kids. Devyani’s e-mail indicating that she was handcuffed several times is most likely true – it was just not in front of her kids.

    • Sandhya Jain

      The MEA spokesperson has clearly said she was handcuffed and don’t trust profile-builder Bharara, BTW what did US do when 15/19 alleged terrorists of Saudi origin were said to be involved in 9/11? I think it rushed to deport them rather than arrest them. This is third world treatment to a third world country and we need to stand up to it. A diplomat IS the country; there is no right or wrong here

  • virendra parekh

    Superb article by Sandhyaji. There is urgent need to focus on the maid: what explains the US interest in her family, how managed to plant herself in the diplomat’s household, how much damage she inflicted on India, how India can get repatriated for interrogation and prosecution and so on. Kerry’s regret does not carry conviction. He regrets not the treatment meted out to the Indian diplomat but India’s reaction to it. That is height of arrogance. How dare you coloured natives dare to stand up to us, the mighty US?, he seems to be saying. India must insist on an unambiguous and unconditional apology.

  • M K Mathai

    design behind the humiliation

    it is probably a message that they and their family will

    be protected even against court orders and govt action.

    and a warning to anyone who dares to cross their path.

    a very powerful message. and a very weak response in

    the given context.

  • M K Mathai

    it is probably a message to embolden the moles that they and their family will be protected even against court orders and govt action.
    and a warning to anyone who dares to cross their path. a very powerful message. and a very weak response in the given context.

  • ARN

    is it true that the maid was a part of US Spy network, and hence her family was deported before they spill their beans ?

  • Jitendra Desai

    Compliments Sandhyaji.No news paper or portal has analysed this episode like you have done.

  • Amodini

    Good article.

  • Chats

    Abuse of servants is not surprising, considering the perpetrator is of a higher caste in India. America does not have a caste system, so such behavior is illegal on our soil.

    • Venu

      What you forgot here is that Americans abuse countries of the world. Abusing is common for all humans.

    • Indian

      FYI, Devyani is of lower caste, so your theory doesn’t hold good.

    • Ashish

      Perpetrator herself is of lower cast in India and there are politicians already claiming she is being subjected to this because she is of lower caste.

    • nita xerla

      Yet its common knowledge that Blacks in the US have lesser chance of Justice and are more likely to be wrongly accused of crimes than whites. You dont have a caste system, you have racial bigotry.

    • Peevesie

      dude Devyani is the lower caste here

  • R Prasad

    After reading this article, I feel like PMO Office is full of foreign agents working against India’s interests. Sooner we get rid of Manmohan Singh’s UPA government headed by Sonia Gandhi is better, or else India’s destruction is inevitable.

    • Mohan

      The PM , Sonia ,PC, Montek Ahluvalia etc are themselves suspect. Kurshid is an ISI mole, most probably!

  • Satish

    Will Indian government take tough stand?

  • Vinayak

    An Interesting article

  • Vikram Singh

    Fantastic article…Sangeeta a cunning lady made devyania a scapegoat for her desire to get green card

  • toddarmal jaggi

    Exactly there is behind the scene deal going on and its the Summon Issued to the Congress President + Other Congress Leader Involved in 1984 Riots served her in her Hospital is the Main Reason. Other wise America never care for any other citizens / Country Human Rights what Happened In Rwanda / Armenia. Yes it was A.B. Vajpayee who never care for America and went ahead with the Nuclear Test and its the same Congress who Brought Americans Back in India. The Entire Media + News Channels can Question even the Supreme Court Verdict but can not stand behind the People of India and that too Elected Representatives of India State and Lick the Boots of Americans. The way things been Hushed and coming out the way Indian Government Gives Privileges to American Diplomats.

  • santasingh

    Khobragade and her father dudh ke dhule nahi hai. Read todays report on ADARSHA scam and you find Koobragade also obtained flat in this sflat scheme.

  • Krishen

    The question is whether the maid was an intelligence asset from the very beginning, or turned into one after the Indian government tried to take action against her through US authorities. Through access to her employer’s laptop at home, and by other means of surveillance, her profile would certainly fit the pattern of NSA and CIA operations. The
    overly aggressive protection by the US and the help given secretly to send her family to USA make this question very important – and the Indian external affairs ministry’s talk of conspiracy suggests that they know something we don’t. This is certainly a possibility, and is worth investigating.

  • Arjun

    Right so Indians have an Italian au pair running the country but think some housemaid is some undercover James Bond lol just some typical foolish conspiracy conspiracies by Sandhya jain

  • Ramesh Patidar

    Sorry but the lady in question and her drama king father have a history of amassing wealth unrelated to their current incomes. She has falsified documents and claims on several other occasions and was a ripe candidate to be a US mole. Thanks to our incompetence and US’ hubris,this sordid saga has gone out of control.
    Indian media has gone to town in defence of a bunch of crooks…but on a much bigger matter ( NSA spying on Indian Mission and Embassies) the media and the Government have remained silent. What a pathetic country we belong to!

  • Anil Kumar

    Devyani may be anything, that is India’s internal issue. Why the NYPD did not pay heed to the complaints lodged by Devyani against her maid? As for Visa fraud, if any, it was either committed by the maid herself as she was the one who went alone for the visa interview, or both Devyani and Richard woman (with the help of the US embassy’s visa officials) committed the crime. But no one is questioning Richard for that. She has not been arrested.
    Sangeetha used Devyani to gain entry into the US. But this Richard woman and her family members are being looked after as if they are state-guests in America! That creates doubts. She may be an American agent. Agents should not necessarily be high-profile officials. To generate wide-ranging intelligence reports, agents are required to be planted everywhere, usually as drivers and maids.
    Otherwise, why should America take such an unusual measure of “rescuing” and evacuating” these Indian citizens from the “clutches” of “unfair” Indian law and courts, risking bilateral ties with a huge democratic country? Just for a maid? To set an example of its great concern for human rights and “rule of law’ ? Who does not know American track-record? There is more to this than meets the eye. We should wait and see.

  • Ashish

    CIA has to get really desperate and run by some demented fools to go around hiring household help of a consular officer in NY and then making a big noise about it when the spy for hire was not paid fair wages by the one on who she was suppose to be spying on – Sandhya has lost it completely

    • Rudra Narasimham Rebbapragada

      I worked in Special Frontier Force that is known as Establishment Number 22 in India. At this military organization, we had the Central Intelligence Agency as our military partner and the CIA posted its staff members as US military instructors who wore military uniforms while they are not members of the US Army. Kindly ask me, I would tell you the things that CIA is capable of doing. You should not be surprised if US citizens are employed on Indian territory using fake passports and providing false information on their visa applications.

    • raj pras

      Uttam Khobragade is a wealthy and powerful man so don’t be surprised that such silly articles are popping up everywhere. Notice there is never any mention of the visa fraud.
      Anyway, our gang of crooks aka GOI have now promoted her to diplomat, she must be laughing .

  • Sanjay

    Hi..I think we are missing the whole point..its not about that she or any one else “has” to pay $4500 /month for maid servant in US..we all know most wealthy in the US cant pay that either. ITS ABOUT LYING IN THE VISA APPLICATION THAT SHE WILL PAY THAT MUCH. That’s what this mess is about..when they go apply for the VISA, they are so scared that the VISA for the MAID will be denied that they agree to this large sum…they are “apparently” so scared to go without maid help (i dont know why they cant do most of the maid work themselves like its common in the US)..Anyways…this is what she could have done is agreed to the minimum wage as per NY state as minimum required by State law…but then SHE WAS not sure if the MAID will be denied the visa and she ended up getting to cook and clean. So bottom line she AGREED to PAY $4500/month..and she also agreed to be prosecuted if she lied. All VISA application and affidavit of support clearly mentions that.
    …continued….now here is my QUESTION. After coming to know this incident, i cant help but wonder…even with all the MIAD help these Visa Consul officer has, why the services they offer are so POOR and unimaginable. VISA application to INDIA takes more then 3 months and most of the time they lose the US passport and application, No one picks up the phone or respond to the email when u inquire about ur application which is pending for more then 2 months? Their attitude when u visit the consulate office is like they are “GOD”. And talk about Harassment they give..and now when they get to taste their own medicine they definitely dont like it. Bottom line and advise to “MOST” visa consul officer…Learn to treat Human being like Human and dont get the so called “officer-giri” to your head too much. You get an unique opportunity when u come to US to represent INDIA to show your “seva-bhavna” and win hearts of people across borders.

  • Rudra Narasimham Rebbapragada

    India has a valid reason to maintain a diplomatic mission in New York City and India has a right to send a few support personnel to help the members of its diplomatic mission. The Terms and the Conditions of Employment of any such support personnel must be decided in India and if the employment ceases for any reason, the support person must be returned to India. The US may have a right to provide political asylum or admit the person as a refugee, if the person makes an application seeking asylum or refugee status on acceptable standards for such petitions. The US has a right to revoke the visas that it had issued to the employee and the employer and could have demanded that the employee and the employer must leave the US territory as their relationship is unacceptable to the United States. However, the United States has no right to violate the Civil Rights of Indian Diplomat who is present on the US territory using a specially designated passport that other Indian citizens do not use if they are in New York City. This unfortunate incident reveals the true nature and the true colors of the United States. It has exposed the brutal reality of the US; the reality of a Police State where no citizen, no visitor, no diplomat is safe and has no protection.

  • Satyadev

    Spying is a very common thing for any country. Every country spies on other countries whether it is a friend or a foe. It is in each country’s interest that they clean up foreign moles from their own system from time to time.

  • Prince

    CIA has also got all the details of all the AADHAR Cards of all Indians because In-Q-Tel is employed by the UIDAI for Data Research.