BJP withdraws invite to US diplomat for Modi’s Mumbai rally

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Niticentral Staff22 Dec 2013

4 withdraws invite to US diplomat for Modi’s Mumbai rally&id=nc

BJP withdraws invite to US diplomat for Modi's Mumbai rally

With US showing no sign of yielding over India’s demand over Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade row, BJP on Sunday rescinded its invitation to the US Consulate in Mumbai to attend Narendra Modi’s rally in Mumbai on sunday.

BJP general secretary Rajiv Pratap Rudy told news reporters that his party had sent invitations to 141 consulates of various countries, including the US, for Modi’s rally.

“These general invitations were sent to the consulates through e-mail by the Maharashtra unit of BJP with no specific persuasion to the American consulate to attend. We have now categorically rescinded our invitation to the US Consulate to attend this rally in the backdrop of what happened to Khobragade,” Rudy said.

“We absolutely do not desire that the US should be coming to this rally,” he added.

Pakistan Consulate officials were not invited to the rally.

Rudy said consulates of Russia, Australia, Zambia, Rawanda and several other countries have already sent their confirmations about attending the rally.

BJP had earlier invited officials from Indian missions of various countries to a rally in the national capital before the Delhi elections.

Khobragade was arrested in New York last week on the charge of visa fraud and subjected to strip search.

(With inputs from agencies)

India must pressurise US to drop charges against Khobragade and apologise: BJP

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4 withdraws invite to US diplomat for Modi’s Mumbai rally&id=nc

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  • Raj Sinha

    Bad move on part of BJP. First, remember Wharton which had invited and then disinvited Modi, Second, Congress and U.S. will make up (Khurshid is already groveling in front of U.S.), and BJP will be left with egg on its face.

    • Dharmo Crat

      Yes, let us all join in grovelling to the great U.S. of A. If we don’t play nice and wag our little tails at the great master, we will be left with egg on our face. Note that the difference in approaches highlights exactly what is different between a nationalist BJP and an anti-nationalist Congress.

    • vijayraghav rao

      The views expressed by yashwant sinha sums it up well and is quite candid. Everyone tends to take India for granted . We just need to give them back a taste of their own medicine. It is more about pride and credibility , which spineless UPa government has destroyed completely

  • Rajan Kumar

    good move BJP.

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