Black flags for RaGa show dynastic Congress is losing

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi shown black flags in his Lok Sabha constituency Amethi. (Photo credit:

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi shown black flags in his Lok Sabha constituency Amethi. (Photo credit:

When Rahul Gandhi reached Amethi, the protesters greeted him with black flags. They allowed his convoy to move only after receiving the assurance that Rahul Gandhi will look into their problems. We have P Chidambaram telling us proudly that if the Congress wins the Lok Sabha election, Rahul Gandhi will surely be the Prime Minister. But the sources close to Rahul Gandhi deny this by saying that Rahul Gandhi is busy building a young team that will be a force to reckon with in the Lok Sabha election of 2019.

Welcome with the black flags in Amethi sums the country’s mood with regard to how much respect there is left for the Gandhi scion. But the  silver-haired Congress leadership is deliberately refusing to read the writing on the wall. One invariably comes across statements from the senior leaders of the Congress praising Rahul Gandhi’s visionary leadership and his ability to lead the country as the next Prime Minister with a big ‘if’.

Congress doesn’t believe in Rahul Gandhi, dynasty’s magic is fading

In politics, there are no ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’. There is an election and then there is a mandate. How will the Congress win the mandate in the next election for Rahul Gandhi to lead the country? Rahul Gandhi has been hiding behind the alibis of building the young team that will take five long years and an image makeover that will cost a few crore. But none of these guarantees results favouring either Rahul Gandhi or his party. The truth of the matter is the Congress-led UPA at the Centre has left the party bankrupt in all the departments. In 2004, the BJP-led NDA under Atal Bihari Vajpayee sought to fight the Lok Sabha election on the slogan India Shining and unfortunately lost it. Though India was really shining, the voters could not connect with the idea of India shining and the BJP had to bow out of the office gracefully.

The India Shining‘ slipped into the pockets of dynasty and the story ever since  has taken a turn for worse. The Congress-led UPA has successfully managed to turn India Shining into India Bleeding. This rule has inflicted cuts on everything be it economy, farmer suicide, relations with foreign countries, internal safety and security and thus left India bleeding. As if this is not enough, the drooling sycophants of the Gandhi family want to foist an inexperience Gandhi scion on the hapless country. The people’s anger knows no bound in the build-up to the next Lok Sabha election. This is why Rahul Gandhi who is busy building a young team while his image receives a makeover ends up getting a welcome with black flags. This created a stir in the media but the Congress leaders proclaim with straight face that Rahul Gandhi is their next Prime Minister if the Congress wins the next Lok Sabha Election.

Expecting to win the election after turning India shining into India building is akin to building castles in the air. And expecting to achieve the impossible without officially projecting a Prime Ministerial candidate smacks of arrogance that a decade in power gives you. The creation of Arvind Kejriwal and his AAP to hoodwink the innocent people of India has only further convinced the people that the Congress has no regard and respect for people’s mandate. It loves to cling to power by any means, though its leader preaches in lofty words that the power is poison. Today, India is lucky enough to have a mature and resurgent BJP and its magnetic Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi who has single-handedly taken on the mighty Congress. As the days are passing, his popularity graph is going higher giving goose bumps to those who are scared of the dynastic-centric Congress crumbling under its own weight of paradoxes.

Rahul Gandhi thunders but Congress’s panic is evident

The secret of Narendra Modi’s acceptance stems from the fact that he is an outsider ready to challenge the status quo in Lutyens Delhi. In a fierce competition of David versus Goliath, Narendra Modi is looking all set to win because he has worked hard and done proper home work. He has the courage to challenge the Congress and its wrongdoings, desire to work for the development of India and a will to get rid of dynastic culture in Indian polity. The icing on the cake is his noble vision for the happiness and smile on the face of every Indian. When such a genuine leader is prepared to lead the country out of India bleeding and towards India Shining with his agenda of proven model of development, does an artificial leader like Rahul Gandhi propped up by misleading image makeover deserve a chance?

Those who say that Rahul Gandhi is building a team for 2019 don’t realise that Narendra Modi as the next Prime Minister will build the nation so strong and so developed that Rahul Gandhi’s young team will be redundant in 2019 and the country will have no use for it. If he is serious about leading the country, he should take responsibility now for the mess his Congress-led UPA has created and answer people’s questions by coming out in open. Hiding behind the veil of building a young team will simply not do because the country has already decided the black flags for him and rose petals for Narendra Modi not only in Ahmedabad or Gandhinagar but everywhere in India, including Kashmir.

Dear Rahul, Congress’s game is up

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