Dear Mr Kejriwal: Stop running away from your responsibilities

A file photo of Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal.

A file photo of Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal.

Dear Mr Arvind Kejriwal,

They say that in politics one week is a long time. Those who follow politics will know that this field is extremely dynamic. One word uttered on public forum can change equations over night. It can either make or break the political alliance. It can either create or mar the political career. This is precisely why the politicians think twice before making tall claims or put on the airs of a saviour airdropped to solve all the issues. The pragmatism with feet firmly planted on the ground is the need of the hour.

Your first one month in power suggests that you have confused governance with grandstanding. You have confused administration with live pressers. You have confused dharnas with coalition dharma. You have confused wafer thin majority with people’s overwhelming mandate in your party’s favour. In a nutshell, you have come across as a man with multiple personalities. The mobocracy that has sprung around you is making it extremely difficult to see through the real Arvind Kejriwal. The people of Delhi are at a loss for words to give vent to their frustration with you in particular and the brand of vigilant politics that the AAP practices in general.

Having said that initially your gesture to decline the personal security guards aroused a lot of expectations. This move spread such a positive wave of enthusiasm across the country that people began to think what mature political parties had failed to do till now, a nascent AAP would teach them to do. The reason for you to decline the personal security guards was that you wanted the security deployed for the aam admi on the streets and roads of Delhi. What a noble intention it was! However, the regret is the noble intention has only remained on paper with no administrative will or skill to convert it into a reality.

Beware of Arvind Kejriwal’s anarchy

First your Law Minister Somnath Bharati shocked the country by leading a midnight raid on the house of a Ugandan woman. His move left the party red-faced with you going on a dharna that saw the normal life of Deli in paralysis. Thankfully, the dharna that threatened to disrupt the Republic Day Celebrations ended with the suspension of the two cops. The normalcy restored but a palpable sense of fragility remained in the air after having seen your penchant for acute disruptions. Barely, the noises of your dharna and Somnath Bharti’s raids have died down when the brutal killing of a nineteen-year-old Nido Taniam on the streets of Delhi has forced the people to re-look at you and the AAP’s policies and style of governance. The media is quick to jump the guns by concluding that it was a racial crime and the racial profiling of Nido Taniam cost him his life because he belonged to Arunachal Pradesh and possessed mongoloid looks.

According to a common man – whom your party represents and your Government is in place today only to provide the security to this common man – this killing of a nineteen year old is a huge letdown. He did not belong to Delhi. He was in Delhi as a student. The tragedy that has befallen Nido’s parents knows no bounds as far as the acute sense of loss is concerned. Does a nineteen year old deserve to die in such a gruesome fashion? What does a nineteen year old know about death? When we turn 19, we have dreams to become somebody successful in life. We want to experiment with life as nineteen year old. We want to pass our exams with flying colours. We want to participate in competitions and debates.

Supreme Court casts shadow over Arvind Kejriwal’s future

This tender age of 19 wants to make us do things for our nation as well as for ourselves. The eyelids of a 19 years old are heavy with the visions of a future far away. His heart beats with aspirations to shine his parents’ name. All he thinks about is the long unwinding road called life full of challenges in the forms of potholes. Nobody at 19 deserves to die. They say his hairstyle drew unwanted attention and he ended up inviting death that he certainly didn’t deserve. If this is true, there are no words to describe the travesty of justice that befell that young man. The social media will express outrage. The racial profiling will get well-articulated essays in the mainstream media. Various hashtags will express their solidarity with the dead young man and his family and friends. But none of these will be able to bring Nido Taniam back to life, will they?

Arunachal MLA’s son beaten to death in Delhi

If only you had kept your one promise to provide security to the aam aadmi on the streets of Delhi, maybe today Nido would have been alive making grand plans to embrace journey called life. Your Government has failed Delhi lock, stock and barrel. Your political party is still in the NGO mindset. One month in governance has had little impact on its mental make-up. Will you please renounce this post of Chief Minister and dismantle the AAP that has created havoc? More deserving Chief Minister is definitely Harsh Vardhan who knows the importance of people’s mandate and high office. Consider giving giving him a chance for he certainly deserves it. Isn’t one month enough to test your skills as an elected representative? After all, one week is a long time in politics. One month is an eternity. Please think hard about it.

A common man.

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