Mr President, block Rahul’s Ordinances

Founding Editor | Feb 26, 2014

Mr President, block Rahul’s Ordinances

A PTI report informs us that “Pushed by Rahul Gandhi, the UPA Government looks set to shortly bring Ordinances on two anti-corruption Bills along with three other legislations which could not be passed during the just-concluded session of Parliament. Sources said Ordinances were ready on Prevention of Corruption (Amendment) Bill and Right of Citizens for Time-Bound Delivery of Goods and Services and Redressal of their Grievances Bill… Along with these, the SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Amendment Bill, Rights of Persons with Disability Bill and Security Laws (Amendment) Bill are also expected to be brought before the Cabinet this week.” (See full report here.)

These Ordinances are unacceptable. A Government on its way out of office has no right to legislate on important issues, that too by taking recourse to the Ordinance route. The reason why this option is being explored is because Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi wants to crow about his, his mother’s, and his party’s ‘fight against corruption’. That’s a scream.

This is the most corrupt Government imaginable. It has looted India in as brazen a manner as the East India Company. He must be denied the opportunity to try and white wash the sins of omission and commission of the Congress, the UPA it leads and a feckless Prime Minister who not only shut his eyes to the unbridled loot right under his nose. Let us not forget that Coalgate happened while he was in charge of the Coal Ministry.

The BJP should seriously consider legislation that bars any Union Government from pushing through major legislation, either by short-circuiting parliamentary process or by adopting the Ordinance route, in the last two Parliament sessions of its tenure. This should equally apply to State Governments. Similarly, the vote-on-account before an election should be no more than a vote to appropriate funds to keep Government going for three months without any policy announcements. The appropriation should be based on the previous year’s Budget.

President Pranab Mukherjee should do the right thing by refusing to sign the Ordinances proposed by a derelict regime whose days are numbered. Anything contrary to this would be detrimental to democracy.



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Founding Editor

Founding Editor