Android games Modi Express, Bhag Modi Bhag popular among youths

Android games Modi Express, Bhag Modi Bhag popular among youths

Narendra Modi’s popularity as country’s next Prime Minister is not just restricted to the social media infact the BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate is popular in gaming world too. The youths are now hooked with a wide range of smartphone games such as Modi Express, Bhag Modi Bhag, 3 Modis, Ek Tha Modi and Modi Run.

As political parties are leaving no stones unturned to reach out to the youths and the smartphone applications are proving as another potential campaign tool.

According to an application store statistics, Modi games have become a rage among the youngsters and over five lakh users have downloaded Modi Run, similar to the android game temple run, says a report published in TOI.

Angry Voters, a game that draws inspiration from Angry Birds, is also getting a lot of hits apart from the Modi-specific games. The players get an option to choose from three candidates Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal. The player can choose from flowers, eggs or slippers to throw at the PM candidates.

Flappy Rahul is also a rage among the youngsters.

There are games based on Aam Aadmi Party and Arvind Kejriwal as well but here too AAP seems to be losing in terms of popularity. Games such as AAP ki Aag, Kejriwal Run and Aam Aadmi Run have been downloaded by only 100 to 1000 people.


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