Pune techie murder reeks of Congress-style communalism

Pune techie murder, communal tension smells of Congress politics

June 4 incident in Pune where a techie was thrashed to death for no fault of his has opened a can of worms. The 28-year-old man was allegedly beaten to death with hockey sticks on fateful Monday night, when he was returning to his home at Bankar colony.

This incident was triggered due to uploading of derogatory pictures of warrior king Shivaji and late Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackeray on Facebook by unknown persons RPT unknown persons, which led to a protest, police said.

While the local police claimed that situation was under control, but first arrests were made only after 24 hour of the incident. This obviously gave various political parties opportunity to express fear for the minority community but the Union Government was in no mood to allow the situation to flare up into a communal strife. The Ministry of Home Affairs has asked for detailed reports and wants strict action to be taken by the Pune police authorities.

Assam riots prove beyond doubt Congress is real polariser

This event reminds of similar cases triggered in Hyderabad in 1980 – 1993 when communal tension was used as means to change the Chief Minister in Andhra Pradesh by the Congress whenever the high command in Delhi wished so. In fact between 1990-1992, the old city witnessed a series of communal rioting as the State saw three different Chief Ministers in as many years. The worst of this series of riots happened in December 1990 when 200 people were killed. Still worse was that many innocents were arrested for no fault of theirs other than the fact they carried names from a particular community.

A similar phase was witnessed there between 1980-1983, when some weak Congressmen were delegated from Delhi to play Chief Minister. Then came the sacking of NT Rama Rao Government by the Congress ruled Central Government under the pretext of some of the worst communal riots that the city had ever seen, which were supposedly triggered by Congress leaders.

Congress provokes ethnic cleansing

Given this history of Congress, is Maharashtra seeing a spate of violence to justify a change of guard and install another pawn only wash away its scams and misgovernance in the State. Adarsh Scam forced former Chief Minister Ashok Chavan out of office. Even NCP supremo Sharad Pawar’s nephew and Deputy Chief Minister of the State Ajit Pawar was accused of misappropriation of funds to the tune of hundreds of crores in irrigation scam. The present CM, Prthviraj Chavan is said to be no doer.

Situation seems difficult for the ruling Congress-NCP alliance to make a comeback, hence these attacks.


Aliya Abbas

Journalist, at present working with Nitidigital as Features Editor


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