Claude Arpi

Born in Angoulême France, Claude Arpi settled in India 40 years ago. He is the author of several books on Tibet, Sino-Indian relations and French India.

People's Liberation Army

Dec 19, 2014


President Xi and Wang’s attempts to cleanse China’...


Dec 06, 2014


The Communist Party seems determined to fully play...

Communist media speaks of ‘reincarnation’ and acquiring the ‘rainbow body’.

Nov 26, 2014


Does Communist China think religion is poison, or ...

Can China isolate itself from developments happening on the soil of its ‘all weather friend’ Pakistan? Will not the New Silk Road, which will allow free circulation of goods and people, be the perfect vector for further spreading terrorism?

Nov 17, 2014

India National Interest

China takes terrorism more seriously than Pakistan...


Nov 05, 2014

India National Interest

Nehru was greatly influenced by his ‘friend’ Zhou ...


Oct 31, 2014


The arrival of the train from Lhasa to Shigatse, T...

There is absolutely nothing wrong in the proposed project to build a road on the Indian side of the India-Tibet border.

Oct 20, 2014

India National Interest

It was China which created the complication in th...

Can the scheme ‘One Country, Two Systems’ work? Can there be Two Chinas? One Communist and one Democratic? (Image: Citobun)

Oct 09, 2014


Developing an auction mechanism for Indian coal bl...

Xi Jinping is perhaps still not in full control of his generals.

Oct 06, 2014


It is amazing that China should object to Delhi co...

Beijing is not ready to recognise the basic historical fact that Tibet was independent before its so-called liberation.

Sep 17, 2014


Wu Yingjie, the Tibetan Autonomous Region’s Deputy...

For India, ‘The Maritime Silk Route’ is a rather vague proposal, which can’t make Delhi forget China’s assertive moves, particularly the network of military bases and commercial facilities along important sea lines of communication, from the Chinese mainland to Africa.

Sep 09, 2014

India is seriously concerned by the strategic Chin...

In the past, Delhi would have prevaricated and made sure that both Beijing and Tokyo were kept happy. Modi makes clear advances.

Sep 01, 2014

India National Interest

In the past, Delhi would have prevaricated and mad...

India-Japan cultural ties through history

Aug 27, 2014


The relations between India and Japan are much old...

It was the first time that this type of propaganda exercise was held in Tibet; the ‘publisher’ of an Indian ‘national newspaper’, a regular supporter of China’s occupation of Tibet, was the Indian face.

Aug 18, 2014


Beijing does not realise that development, new roa...

China's ominous development projects along Indian borders

Aug 04, 2014

India National Interest

Very few in India are bothered by what is happeni...

Modi’s pragmatic view to jointly develop something with the other seven SAARC states reminded me of Jean Monnet, the father of Europe.

Jul 09, 2014


Europe had the fortune to have Jean Monnet who, wi...