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Kartikeya is a lawyer qualified and practising in India and the State of New York. He writes commentary on current affairs, particularly on developments in the legal field.

Anil Sinha is CBI Director – Story so far

Anil Kumar Sinha’s appointment follows a highly controversial two year tenure of his predecessor Ranjit Sinha who made it to the news for mostly the wrong reasons.

It doesn’t require digging too deep into the archives to recollect how, during Ranjit Sinha’s tenure, the CBI floated all kinds of theories in the Ishrat Jahan case which proved a damp squib when it came to a follow up and how CBI’s decisions of closure or non-closure swung rather coincidentally with the behaviour of the ruling party’s allies.

Supreme Court’s Social Justice Bench – A Pandora’s Box of sensational headlines

Typically, unless the state wantonly discriminates between a class or group of people in providing aid or taking measures in such areas, the state’s efficacy (or the lack thereof) in dealing with these issues is something that ought to squarely be in the people’s court – the Parliament, election rallies, media exposes and street activism.

Although some of these instances are not ‘social justice issues’ per se, they indicate a trend where the judiciary is very comfortable with making statements that can be made into garden variety headlines in the next day’s papers. That such headlines owe their origin to the apex court of the land (as opposed to opposition parties) gives them a misleading sense of infallibility.