Priyadarshi Dutta

Priyadarshi Dutta is an independent researcher based in New Delhi.


Oct 12, 2014


Mamata Banerjee swears by ‘Secularism’. But her Se...

Abbot’s antique gift has touched the tip of an iceberg. As per the records of the National Crime Records Bureau during 2013, 1125 cultural properties including antiques were stolen across India out of which only 243 could be recovered.

Sep 10, 2014


The fascinating world of antiques is actually quit...

Ben Kingsley as Mahatma Gandhi in Richard Attenborough's 'Gandhi'.

Aug 25, 2014


While I mourn the death of Richard Attenborough, I...

Sunanda Pushkar’s life and death: A mystery thriller

Jan 21, 2014

The sudden and suspicious death of Sunanda Pushkar...