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Mamata and Delhi Media

Where is the media angst against Mamata Banerjee’s blatant sectarianism?

Of late, Mamata Banerjee and the West Bengal Government have been in the news for various reasons. Primary amongst these are the various and violent acts of TMC cadre against BJP cadre; growing terrorist activities in the State (that prompted a visit by the NSA himself); high profile arrests (MPs belonging to TMC) in the Saradha Chit Fund scam. Pretty serious charges all of these are – some might say.

Hudhud-torn Visakhapatnam – Challenges ahead

The Andhra Pradesh government has done a commendable job in reducing loss of life.

Cyclone Hudhud is probably one of the worst to hit the country. Indian Navy instruments had recorded the speed of the wind when it hit the coast at a whopping 250 kmph. I had the chance to visit Visakhapatnam and Vijayanagaram over the weekend. Though I have been reading about the unprecedented devastation in the newspapers and seeing it in the news, the magnitude was evident only when I saw it with my own eyes.