Saswat Panigrahi

Saswat Panigrahi is Senior Editor (News) at NitiCentral. He is a journalist having a natural interest in observing the political jigsaw with a concern for issues affecting the common man’s life. A swayamsevak in his own right, he is an ardent supporter of cultural nationalism. He has worked with The Pioneer and Zee News.

BJP president Amit Shah asked party leaders in Delhi to hit the ground.

Nov 21, 2014


Assembly election in Delhi is around the corner. I...


Nov 19, 2014

Limited Government

Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis is implementing P...


Nov 18, 2014


It seems Samajwadi Party supremo Mulayam Singh Yad...


Nov 17, 2014


Congress president Sonia Gandhi is at it again. Sh...

Congress is organising a two-day Nehru International Conference to commemorate India’s first Prime Minister's 125th Birth Anniversary.

Nov 13, 2014


Congress is organising a two-day Nehru Internation...


Nov 10, 2014


After historic win in Maharashtra and Haryana, the...


Nov 07, 2014


The AAP is nothing but pure hype created by Arvind...


Nov 04, 2014


Delhi Assembly has been kept under suspended anima...

In a series of tweets posted by @INCIndia, the official Twitter Account of the Congress, the party selectively quoted a few words from some recent Supreme Court Orders to target the BJP.

Nov 03, 2014


In a series of tweets posted by @INCIndia, the off...

BJP has successfully cut into the political space of the regional players.

Nov 02, 2014

Modi's Governance

Regional parties are slowly becoming less relevant...

It’s time Jharkhand votes for development and good governance.

Nov 02, 2014


Jharkhand is going for five-phased Assembly electi...

If the BJP has any such plan for Maharashtra, it should be dropped.

Oct 29, 2014


BJP has reportedly drafted a Plan-B to secure the ...

There were historic blunders committed by the then Interim Indian Government led by Jawaharlal Nehru.

Oct 26, 2014

India National Interest

Jammu & Kashmir is set for 5 phase elections to As...

Haryana has accepted Narendra Modi’s agenda of development and good governance with an open arm.

Oct 19, 2014


It’s a historic mandate for the BJP in Haryana. Th...

A shrewd politician, Prithviraj Chavan knows that the Congress is aware of its imminent crushing defeat in Maharashtra.

Oct 17, 2014


Prithviraj Chavan is doing a flip flop on Adarsh i...

Shiv Sena has committed wrongs by unfairly targeting the BJP.

Oct 16, 2014


To score brownie points, Uddhav Thackeray crossed ...