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Narendra Modi bats Rahul Dravid style in Test match with T-20 expectations


It is in these circumstances that Narendra Modi must go out to bat on the second day of this Test Match. Perhaps he might want to blend some of that Chinese Bamboo with his willow, Rahul Dravid was talking of in his 2012 speech, for in this era of instant gratification, where everyone expects you to settle for shorter trees, he needs to remind the citizens of India that patience has its reward even as he remains focused and steady on bringing about the deep rooted change we all desire in our system of government.

Of Net Neutrality and those who want to “Save the Internet” – My Story from 1990s

Net Neutrality debate must be left for the market to decide.

Today when I see so called “Net Neutrality” activists wanting to “Save the Internet” it makes me wonder which Internet do they want to save – the Internet of the geeks from the 1990s where the Unix shell command prompt was all-powerful or the Internet of the dummies of 2010s where the touch screen consumer experience has trumped everything.