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Vijayendra Mohanty is a former employee of Niti Central.

Bilawal Bhutto’s Kashmir rant and mindless Pakistani politicians

Bhutto family's stock in trade has been the talk of Kashmir. (Image via Twitter @dunyanetwork)

If there is one thing Bilawal Bhutto’s “I will take back Kashmir” rant of this morning has proven, it is that the sub-continent is not particularly lacking in political talent of the unthinking variety. This talent, which more often than not, manifests itself in spoilt rotten dynastic brats, is likely to work for such air-headed dynasts only. One can’t, at the end of the day, blame Bilawal for at least wanting to measure up to the mammoth standards of stupidity set by India’s very own Clown Prince Rahul Gandhi.

Narendra Modi uses India’s Spiritual heritage to win Japan

Modi’s brand of Hindutva – which involves him asserting his identity as the Prime Minister of a nation that is culturally and spiritually Hindu – is, if not the last, then at least one nail in our perverse secularism’s coffin.

India’s culture and heritage has been its strongest suit for a long time. The world over, India is seen as the home of spirituality, inclusiveness, and culture. It would be foolish to not make use of it when engaging with other countries. Fortunately for India, that is a mistake Narendra Modi seems to be in no mood to make.

Digital India – A New Way of Governance

Digital India – A New Way of Governance

Digital India can be many things. It can be an election-time catch-phrase to pique the urban voter’s curiosity or it can be a solid and long-term vision to maximise all citizens’ chances of leading efficient lives. If the Modi Government’s moves till now are anything to go by, then it seems that the proverbial Achchhe Din will also be days of greater connectivity and self-reliance.