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When we launched NiTi Central as one of the platforms for NiTi Digital on Independence Day this year, we were clear in our minds as to what we would like to do. We were equally clear on what we wouldn’t like to do.

Talking down to our readers, or indulging in sanctimonious preaching from the pulpit, was and remains high on the list of things we wouldn’t like to do. We have happily left that to the Commentariat which dominates – and, I may add, controls – discourse in both so-called ‘mainstream media’ and till now available public platforms.

As a result, there was little or no space to cogently discuss, deliberate and debate issues from a right-of-centre perspective. We at NiTi Central would like to create that space and offer an alternative platform where views can be expressed freely. Our doors, of course, are open to all.

Towards that end we have set up the weekly NiTi Adda, an hour-long session of boisterous debating, where everybody is free to air her/his views, or challenge the views of others, on the given topic of the week. The unexpurgated transcript will be posted for further debate.

NiTi Adda is where ideas will clash with ideas, and hopefully make a meaningful contribution to the larger discourse that we all aspire for: On how to transform India.

Kanchan Gupta.

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