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Oct 05, 2015 9:04 am   #Offstumped   #States

Somebody called for a "Beefy Picnic" outside BJP office ?

Police detained three persons, including the DU student, who were going to protest by consuming beef outside the BJP office at Ashoka Road.

8:57 am   #Offstumped   #States

Lutyens Media singles out Sangeet Som after Owaisi Kejriwal Rahul all had their Peepli moment in Dadri

Controversial BJP lawmaker Sangeet Som warned the Uttar Pradesh government on Sunday that it would have to pay a price for favouring the Muslim community as he met the families of the men accused of murdering a villager over rumours that he butchered a co

8:50 am   #Offstumped   #National

How UPA era NIA goof-ups get reported only now with no reference to UPA

A technical error committed by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) in its charge sheet against six members of Sanatan Sanstha in the Goa blast case considerably weakened their trial, HT has learnt.

8:43 am   #Offstumped   #Culture

"Muslims lagged behind because they kept women enslaved"

Aligarh Muslim University VC also lashed out at Muslims for not working during the month of Ramazan.

8:41 am   #Offstumped   #States

The Art of passing the buck - Mulayam to Akhilesh

Yadav accused BJP of playing politics in the Dadri lynching incident and said the victim's family was 'satisfied' with the action taken by his government. - The Economic Times on Mobile

8:39 am   #Offstumped   #States

It takes special talent to reduce the Bihar election to a "Caste versus Beef" debate

Top BJP leaders camping in Bihar, including Amit Shah, spent a sleepless Saturday night strategising how to turn the tables on Lalu Prasad. - The Economic Times on Mobile

8:00 am   #NitiCommentary   #Opinions   #Economy   

Should RBI reconsider its approach towards interest rates?

RBI Governor, Mr. Raghuram Rajan announced a cut of 50 basis point in Repo rate on Tuesday. The reaction from the Indian industrialist was that of a much awaited relief and surprise due to the image of Mr. Rajan.

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Look at how Indian Express introduces Sushil Modi

"Sushil Kumar Modi, who maintained a moderate face in the BJP"

6:59 am   #Offstumped   #States

In span of one article Indian Express makes Sanjay Rana a BJP supporter a worker and a leader

Just so thatSeven of the 10 youths named in the FIR into the mob attack on Mohammad Akhlaq's house in Bisara village, belong to the family of district Sanjay Ran could be somehow linked to BJP.

2:00 am   #NitiCommentary   #Opinions   #Digital   

Brain Gain out of Brain Drain - what will it take ?

Silicon Valley in the United States is very much in the news now, with the very recent visit of our Honourable Prime Minister to the Bay Area with his vision and dream for his country [Digital India].

12:00 am   #NitiCommentary   #Opinions   #World   

Xi Jinping in America

More important was the issue of the South China Sea. Xi Jinping reiterated China had the right to uphold its territorial sovereignty and that Beijing did ‘not intend to pursue militarisation' of the artificial islands.

Oct 04, 2015 8:00 am   #NitiCommentary   #Opinions   #States   

Bihar Vision - Summary of BJP's pitch to voters

BJP's Bihar Vision summed up by a sympathiser.

7:00 am   #NitiExclusives   #Analysis   #Governance   

Freeing Hindu Temples - Niti Interview with Prof Kishwar

Voicing her views on the dismal state of temple administration in India, and the movement to free Hindu temples from government control, Madhu Kishwar touches upon the key issues that threaten the temple ecosystem in India.

12:00 am   #NitiCommentary   #Opinions   

San Jose Sojourn - Yagna of National Resurrection

The San Jose Sojourn, if dissected objectively and dovetailed into the larger scheme of things, does present a mind-boggling grandstanding of Mr. Modi, the master strategist and tactician who by his meticulous mix of charms and coercion has laid down the script of a renewed world order.