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Oct 07, 2015 12:00 am   #NitiCommentary   #Opinions   #Culture   

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh - RSS Demystified

RSS Demystified - which organisation has no membership, no binding of any sort to stay in or out, to believe in its ideology or not, to work as part of it or not?

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Kingdom gets its cronies to cry foul

Saudi Arabia's allies attack Iran to deflect Hajj criticism.

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A Pakistani denial should perhaps be taken as a confirmation by another name

RAWALPINDI The Pakistan Army on Tuesday rejected a recent report appearing in a section of the Afghan press regarding alleged involvement of some Pakistani

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400% Pay Hike for Kejriwal's gang of 67

A committee appointed by the Delhi assembly speaker has suggested a four-fold increase in the salaries of the lawmakers. If the recommendation is accepted, the basic salary of a legislator will go up from the present Rs 82,000 to Rs 3.2 lakh. It would als

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Faster than China

According to the report, in India, inflation is expected to decline further in 2015, reflecting the fall in global oil and agricultural commodity prices.

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BJP sources said culture minister Mahesh Sharma was warned four days ago for speaking out and he has not spoken after that.

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Captains of Indian industry dismiss #LutyensMedia's obsession with #Beef politics

ETNow tries to play #Beef politics with India Inc, but returns home empty handed.

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Political winds blowing BJP's way in Assam

Padma Hazarika could be BJP's next big catch in Assam

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Smriti Irani fixes UPA's German goof-up - The Hindu imagines a U-Turn

After senior journalist Suhasini Haidar gave a miss to the 5 Ws and 1 H of India's new understanding with Germany on German language in KVs issue, a war of words ensued between HRD Minister Smriti Irani and Suhasini.

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Arun Jaitley condemns Dadri incident

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has condemned the lynching of a man over beef eating rumour in UP, saying such incidents hurt the country's image.

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Narendra Modi addresses Indo German Business Summit

Post the visit of Bosch Centre Bangalore Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chancellor Angela Merkel arrived for Indo German Business Summit in Bengaluru.

Oct 05, 2015 5:00 pm   #NitiCommentary   #Analysis   #World   

Angela Merkel and Narendra Modi attend Musical Event Ekta

Post the joint press statement Chancellor Angela Merkel and Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended Ekta- a performance showcasing Indian and German musical traditions.

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Fadnavis for Free Speech - 'Agnes of God' will be staged in Maharashtra

The Devendra Fadnavis led Maharashtra government however today declined to stall staging of the play "Agnes of God", which tells the story of a nun who delivers a still-born child.

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Azam Khan's "dehati aurat" moment

Samajwadi Party leader and Senior Uttar Pradesh minister Azam Khan today said that he will raise the matter of Dadri-lynching with the United Nations reminiscent of the manner in which Pakistan's Nawaz Sharif caricatured himself as a "Dehati Aurat" rushing to the UN last week.

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Should RBI reconsider its approach towards interest rates?

RBI Governor, Mr. Raghuram Rajan announced a cut of 50 basis point in Repo rate on Tuesday. The reaction from the Indian industrialist was that of a much awaited relief and surprise due to the image of Mr. Rajan.

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Brain Gain out of Brain Drain - what will it take ?

Silicon Valley in the United States is very much in the news now, with the very recent visit of our Honourable Prime Minister to the Bay Area with his vision and dream for his country [Digital India].