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Oct 10, 2015 8:51 am   #Offstumped   #Economy

Car that runs on water and calcium carbide #MakeInIndia

"Mechanic Raees Makrani from Sagar(MP) designs car which runs on water and calcium carbide,he has filed for a patent"

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Good Riddance

One more of Sonia's UPA era abominations on the Constitution the National Green Tribunal set to be downsized.

8:40 am   #Offstumped   #Bihar

"I have voted for Lalu Prasad Yadav for 18 years - what have I got??

Tales of pregnant women in Bihar being taken 12 kms to hospital for delivery, at times on a cot carried by men.

8:19 am   #Offstumped   #Culture

Surjit Bhalla thinks the UPA era Supreme Court was "Hinduised"

"An Islamic or Jewish nation can prohibit the killing of pigs. A Hindu nation can prohibit the killing of cows. A secular nation can do neither"

8:16 am   #Offstumped   #Culture

Teesta's husband has a Norwegian Sermon

Javed Anand in the Indian Express

8:14 am   #Offstumped   #World

Kasuri going one up on Lutyens Pundits ?

"The diplomat on the new low in India-Pakistan relations, and ?non-state actors? in the Kashmir cause"

8:00 am   #Offstumped   #States

While Rahul was busy with Pyjama-Dhoti Politics and Siddu slept

?Who will tell locals not to dump garbage in front of our school??

7:56 am   #Offstumped   #National

At Chaityabhoomi tomorrow

The B R Ambedkar Memorial will be a 150-ft statue, stupa-like structure.

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"On the pitch where Lionel Messi scored"

The exalted turf at London's Wembley Stadium will be off limits for Prime Minister Narendra Modi when he meets Britain's Indian diaspora at perhaps the world's most famous football stadium during his UK visit next month.

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Motormouths and Lutyens Media - Match made in Hell

Giriraj Singh claimed he was responding to Lalu's comment that there was no difference between cow meat and goat meat.

7:45 am   #NitiCommentary   #Analysis   #Politics   

Bihar 2015 – Latest Opinion Polls

As the first phase of voting for the much awaited Bihar Assembly elections begins on Monday, various pre-poll surveys by different media houses predict neck and neck contest.

7:36 am   #Offstumped   #World

Malaysia Muslims parade cow head in protest against Hindu temple plan

A Malaysian court fined 12 Muslims on Tuesday and sentenced one of them to a week in prison for illegally protesting the construction of a Hindu temple and parading a severed cow's head. ...

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Vasundhara Raje launches Rajasthan's first startup policy

Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje today released the state's first startup policy to promote sustainable entrepreneurship in the state.

12:00 am   #NitiCommentary   #Analysis   #Economy   

Vicco's Pendharkar - Role Model for Ayurveda Entrepreneurship

Vishnu Industrial Chemical Company, which Vicco stands for, was established in 1952 by Gajanan's father Keshav Pendharkar at a ‘chawl' in suburban Mumbai.

2:30 pm   #NitiCommentary   #Analysis   #States   #Politics   

Save Bihar from getting Ruined: Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the second Parivartan Rally of the day in Bihar at Aurangabad. The loudly cheering crowd answered PM's questions with enthusiasm and kept chanting Modi Modi.

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Bihar needs "Vikas Raj": Narendra Modi in Sasaram

Prime Minister Narendra Modi continued campaigning in poll bound Bihar on Day 2. Today he addressed an election rally at Sasaram.

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Dadri obsessed Lutyens Media too scared of Saudi Arabia ?

Why is the Media in India that has been obsessed with the Lynch Mob in Dadri for over a week so scared of turning the heat on Saudi Arabia over the death of more than 100 Indian Muslims ?

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Arvind Kejriwal has proved to be no different

Yet again Mr. Arvind Kejriwal has proved that he is no different (if not worse) than other regular Indian politicians, whom he has abused throughout his political career.

Oct 08, 2015 6:10 pm   #NitiCommentary   #Analysis   

Narendra Modi silences critics, hails President's sagacity

In the wake of Dadri incident, Prime Minister Modi today pitched for communal harmony and brotherhood in the country, saying Hindus and Muslims should work together to fight the common enemy of poverty and ignore "irresponsible" statements made by politicians, even if he himself makes any.

4:25 pm   #NitiCommentary   #Analysis   #States   #Politics   

Bihar Battle - 1990s mindset versus 2015's Aspirations

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the last Parivartan Rally of the day at Nawada, Bihar.

3:57 pm   #NitiCommentary   #Analysis   #Culture   

Beef Fundamentalists versus Cow Vigilantes - Nuance the Casualty

Unless we start to recognize Private Property Rights in the context of Cattle we will fail to bring sanity to this argument between the extremes on Beef.

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Reuters on 'Tejas for IAF' pushing Defence MNCs Agenda?

Western arms lobbyists are not happy with India's decision to replace old MiG-21 and MiG-27 with Tejas fighters. This explains Reuters' cooked story “Modi pushes ‘obsolete' made-in-India plane on reluctant military”.

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#JungleRaj's Big Brother and Small Brother - NaMo at Samastipur

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the third Parivartan Rally in Bihar today at Samastipur. He began by saying that in such a hot afternoon he was amazed to see such a huge crowd.

1:45 pm   #NitiCommentary   #Analysis   #National   

Indian Air Force celebrates 83rd Anniversary

Indian Air Force is celebrating its 83rd anniversary. On the sidelines of the celebrations, Air Chief Marshal has announced the plan to induct women into the fighter aircraft stream.

1:07 pm   #NitiCommentary   #Analysis   #States   

Bihar's House of Big Boss - NaMo on Nitish-Lalu's acrimonious campaign

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the second rally in the poll bound Bihar today at Begusarai. Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan also addressed the loudly cheering crowd.

11:36 am   #NitiCommentary   #Analysis   #Politics   

Bihar's Mahaswarthbandhan gets a dose of NaMo Strong Medicine in Munger

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be addressing four election rallies in Bihar today where election is to happen in five phases beginning from 12th of October. PM Modi addressed the first Parivartan Rally of the day at Munger, Bihar.