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Feb 06, 2016 7:54 am   #Offstumped   #States

Anar Patel hits out at campaign of calumny

Takes to Facebook to shield Anandiben from media hit jobs.

7:51 am   #Offstumped   #Politics

One more Digital First for BJP

Amit Shah inaugurates hi-tech digital library at BJP office.

7:47 am   #Offstumped   #Culture

What does Saturn feel about the endless debate on Shani Temple ?

One more round of talks to resolve entry restrictions issue.

7:43 am   #Offstumped   #Governance

"Not a single call made to clear, restrict a film"

MoS Rathore busts Censorship Myths.

7:40 am   #Offstumped   #Economy

India's Bamboo Sector suffering from Colonial Hangover

A debate on whether Bamboo is grass or not.

7:37 am   #Offstumped   #Economy

India's biggest FMCG advertiser

For its TV ad blitz, Patanjali has picked 7 products from a 30-strong product portfolio. Ramdev had said his company will be India's biggest FMCG player in 5 years. - The Economic Times on Mobile