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Oct 07, 2015 9:44 pm   #Offstumped   #National

Send these #PaperTigers to the Taliban badlands - they will fit right in

"Ghulam Ali concert called off after Shiv Sena threats"

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Nepal Fuel Crisis - Bloomberg feeding anti-India sentiment ?

Why did the Bloomberg choose to run a story of this nature vitiating the India Nepal special relationship relying solely on quotes by Nepal Politicians while failing to assess the ground situation at the various India Nepal custom points ?

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Trinamul Violence in Bengal no threat to Lutyens Media's "Idea of India"

While Bengal battles with Didigiri, Dadri obsessed Lutyens Media turns a blind eye to the circumstances that led to the resignation of the State Election Commissioner thus giving a free pass to Mamata on Trinamul's violence.

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LPG Direct Benefits Transfer Facts - Niti Exclusive

It defies logic why the Indian Express would go to such lengths to trash a significant behavioural change by the government that saw a majority of LPG Consumers embracing Aadhaar linked DBT in the absence of hard data to back up its second guessing of the government.

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Industry 4.0 buzz at the Indo-German Summit 2015

On Industry 4.0 the German panelists shared their strategies on nurturing an innovative culture that encourages researchers and scholars to invent ideas and realise them as real world products

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More troubles for Congress, Left in Kerala - Former ISRO Chairman supports BJP

Increased BJP vote percentage in Kerala, possibility of SNDP-BJP alliance, and now former ISRO Chairman's support to BJP have got Congress and Left into a tizzy.

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BJP in Bihar must not lose its 2014 Moral Compass

In the interest of Bihar and the Nation, it is extremely important that BJP not lose its Lok Sabha election compass, which proved that given a choice the Indian people will unanimously elect a pan-India vision over a divisive vote bank politics vision.

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Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh - RSS Demystified

RSS Demystified - which organisation has no membership, no binding of any sort to stay in or out, to believe in its ideology or not, to work as part of it or not?

Oct 06, 2015 4:41 pm   #NitiCommentary   #Analysis   

Smriti Irani fixes UPA's German goof-up - The Hindu imagines a U-Turn

After senior journalist Suhasini Haidar gave a miss to the 5 Ws and 1 H of India's new understanding with Germany on German language in KVs issue, a war of words ensued between HRD Minister Smriti Irani and Suhasini.

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Arun Jaitley condemns Dadri incident

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has condemned the lynching of a man over beef eating rumour in UP, saying such incidents hurt the country's image.

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Narendra Modi addresses Indo German Business Summit

Post the visit of Bosch Centre Bangalore Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chancellor Angela Merkel arrived for Indo German Business Summit in Bengaluru.