Narendra Modi, Amit Shah give Indians Congress-mukt-Bharat

Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulating newly-appointed BJP national president Amit Shah at BJP National Council Meet on June 9, 2014 in New Delhi. Shah was appointed as party president for his role in 2014 election, which got BJP and its allies a complete mandate. (PTI Photo)

Directly or indirectly, the Prime Minister and many of our Ministers drew parallels between this historic moment and the “Congress-mukt Bharat” movement started by the BJP and the allied parties during the 2014 election.

Ghadar revolutionaries were nationalists, not Marxists or anarchists

Ghadar revolutionaries were nationalists, not Marxists or anarchists

By 1910 and 1911 revolutionaries associated with the Jugantar group had fanned out internationally and had begun organising Indian diasporic groups. Bholanath Chatterjee of the Jugantar group, for example, visited Malay around 1910-1911 and Thailand in 1913 and ‘imbued the Indian settlers [there] with revolutionary ideas.

Marxist intellectuals appropriate pre-Gandhian freedom fighters

In defence of the Ghadar revolutionaries

April 2013 announces the centenary of the Ghadar Party – one of the most riveting symbols of Indian defiance against colonial oppression. What makes the Ghadar movement an enduring symbol in the imagination of youth is the fact that it was waged in the Western world in support of an Eastern movement for self-hood and self-determination.