Manohar Parrikar gives Ex-Servicemen Hope

Manohar Parrikar gives Ex-Servicemen Hope

In his recent tweets, Ret. Major Navdeep Singh expressed happiness over the interest the Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar showed in Army Veterans affairs. One in particular when he met Indian Blade Runner Ret.

Mumbai 26/11 Attacks – Sajid Mir should be brought to Justice

Mumbai 26/11 Attacks - Sajid Mir should be brought to Justice

Involvement of Lashkar-e-Tayiba’s elusive commander Sajid Mir in Mumbai 26/11 attacks had been confirmed by Abu Jundal – the Hindi tutor of the 10 terrorists who carried out the 26/11 attack in Mumbai.

Food processing industry’s hurdles and MoFPI’s priorities

Food processing industry's hurdles and MoFPI's priorities

Even six years after its commencement, the Ministry of Food Processing Industries’ much-touted mega food parks scheme, is yet to take off. This despite incentives, subsidies and sops on offer. Only three mega food parks are operational in the country right now. MoFPI, in 2008, came up with a huge plan of setting up 40 mega food parks in 23 States to provide remunerative prices to farmers, reduce wastage of agricultural produce, build capacity of producers and processors and create efficient supply chain from farm to market. But the scheme failed to deliver what it promised.

Good Samaritans! SC will protect you

Good Samaritans! SC will protect you

The Supreme Court of India directed the Central Government ensuring protection for good Samaritans helping accident victims. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways in consultation with Law Ministry will issue necessary directions with regard to the protection of good Samaritans until appropriate legislation is made by the legislature, says Apex Court.

Patna Stampede: Blame game begins

Patna stampede incident - Blame game begins as NDRF reaches Bihar

The Bihar Government has shot off a strongly-worded letter to the NDRF seeking to know why Patna Medical College Hospital did not turn up on time to help the victims of the stampede on Dussehra. The National Disaster Response Force is caught in a political crossfire between the BJP-led Central Government and the Janata Dal (United) which rules Bihar. Thirty-three people died on Friday evening in a stampede at Patna’s Gandhi Maidan.

Swacch Bharat Mission: Ministers, Babus to clean offices on October 2

Swacch Bharat Mission: Ministers, Babus to clean offices on October 2

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Swacch Bharat Mission kick starts on the October 2. Ministers and Government officials will have to report to work, so that they can take a ‘Swacchta Shapath’ (cleanliness oath) formulated by the Cabinet Secretariat.

Independence Day Speech expectations high – PM Modi must make big moves

One hopes Prime Minister Narendra Modi is saving up some dramatic announcements and surprises for India and the world for his Independence Day speech.

Results so far are positive, if not dramatic. The GDP is inching up, other economic parameters are improving, the Railways have been rescued from the brink, the functioning of the PSU banks is being overhauled even as the UPA scam liabilities and NPAs are threatening to overwhelm their net worth, the SAARC region regional diplomacy is stirring afresh, foreign investment limits are being raised in multiple sectors, labour laws are being modernised.

UPSC row – Experts, aspirants point out their concerns

UPSC row - Experts, aspirants point out their concerns

The centre is being cornered on all fronts over the UPSC row as Opposition demands an all-party meeting The Government has asked for more time saying the issue requires “application of mind and in-depth study” of the matter. Aspirants on the other hand are demanding quick action as their futurehangs […]