Gurmeet Kanwal on why India needs a full time Defence Minister

India needs a full time Defence Minister: Gurmeet Kanwal

Arun Jaitley holds two important portfolios Finance and Defence, both demanding maximum attention. Till now Arun Jaitley has done a commendable and marvelous job as Defence Minister by clearing procurement longstanding proposals worth rupees 21,000 crore. But as both the ministries need full time attention India needs a full time […]

Narendra Modi inspires Nationalists in Kashmir


Narendra Modi’s Government has discarded the Nehruvian approach towards the State which was only benefitting Pakistan and Kashmiri extremists and also hurting the paramount national interest.

SAARC summit – Rajnath Singh discusses religious radicalisation along India-Nepal border

Rajnath Singh, at SAARC summit in Nepal, asked Government of Nepal to not let anyone use its land for anti-India activities. (Source: PTI)

Raising concerns that Pakistan is trying to create a rift between India and Nepal by promoting anti-India activities, the Union Home Minister, who is in Nepal for the SAARC Summit, said that radicalisation of Muslims settled near the India-Nepal border is on the rise day by day.

Bilawal Bhutto’s Kashmir rant and mindless Pakistani politicians

Bhutto family's stock in trade has been the talk of Kashmir. (Image via Twitter @dunyanetwork)

If there is one thing Bilawal Bhutto’s “I will take back Kashmir” rant of this morning has proven, it is that the sub-continent is not particularly lacking in political talent of the unthinking variety. This talent, which more often than not, manifests itself in spoilt rotten dynastic brats, is likely to work for such air-headed dynasts only. One can’t, at the end of the day, blame Bilawal for at least wanting to measure up to the mammoth standards of stupidity set by India’s very own Clown Prince Rahul Gandhi.

J&K Flood- Army saves the day, UK Parliament debate a political poly

J&K Flood- Army saves the day, UK Parliament debate a political poly

कश्मीर घाटी में आया जलसैलाब पिछले100 सालोँ में घाटी की सबसे बड़ी त्रासदी होगी और इस त्रासदी में राज्य सरकार और कश्मीर में भारत के खिलाफत करने वाले अलगाव वादियों का असली चेहरा भी सामने आया | कश्मीर में भारत विरोधी बात करने वाले अलगावादी अब ढूंढने से भी नहीं मिल रहे हैं | ऎसे में कश्मीरी की आवाम को भी अब समझ आ गया है कि उन्हें अब आगे क्या करना है और इस मुश्किल वक़्त में उन्हें केंद्र सरकार और उसी इंडियन आर्मी ने उन्हें बचाया है जिसको कल तक अलगाववादी कश्मीर से भागने की बात करते थे | इसके साथ साथ कश्मीर आपदा पर ह्यूमन राइट्स का बहाना बना ब्रिटिश संसद में इस पर बहस किस राजनैतिक चाल की और इशारा कर रही है, इस पर खास बातचीत जम्मू और कश्मीर के प्रोफेसर श्री हरी ओम के साथ

NIA nabs Sri Lankan spy working for Pakistan


In Chennai on Wednesday, NIA arrested one Sri Lankan national who was working for an official in the Pakistan High Commission at Colombo in Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan national Arun Selvarajan had gained access to several security-sensitive installations in Chennai.

Narendra Modi’s Asian diplomacy, Xi Jinping on his way

Narendra Modi stirs Asian diplomacy, Xi Jinping on his way

In this week’s international media round-up, Team Niti Central gets its focus on Chinese President Xi Jingping’s upcoming visit to India and China postponing its visit to Pakistan amidst the political unrest in the country. Also, in a startling revelation, Jamaat-e-Islami Bangladesh and Hefazat-e-Islam compiling a list of enemies of […]

Manmohan Singh crippled indigenous nuclear capability – MD Nalapat

Indigenous Nuclear capability crippled by Manmohan Singh - MD Nalapat

In the decade of 1980’s, India’s atomic program was ahead of China but currently the tables have been turned and the Chinese have surpassed India. While China is going about offering 1Gigawatt nuclear power plant technology to Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Sri Lanka, Indian scientists were close to mastering the technology by 2003.

Al-Qaeda’s call to Indian Muslims falls flat

Muslim women campaigning for Narendra Modi in Varanasi in 2014 Lok Sabha election. Narendra Modi’s Sabka Saath Sabka Vikaas is going to be a key player in keeping Muslim youth aligned with the mainstream. (Photo: PTI)

Al-Qaeda’s video is alarming, but Indian Muslims have rejected their ideology. However, fringe groups can play ball with them, but Narendra Modi’s rising international acceptance and world pinning hopes on India for economic revival are positive signs.

Al-Qaeda on India – Sushant Sareen analyses implications

Al-Qaeda on India - Sushant Sareen analyses implications

In the latest video released by Al-Qaeda, Ayman al Zawahri has again called on the Muslims to raise the flag of jihad across the Indian subcontinent. This is not the first time such a call has been made. Back in 2001 Al-Zawahiri had called for Muslims to fight in Afghanistan, Kashmir, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Chechnya.

Pakistan Crisis and what it means for Indian Secularism

Let the Pakistan crisis be a lesson for all who call themselves secularists.

Pakistan, let us not forget, is a product of two-nation theory. More to the point, the basis of Pakistan’s identity transcends territorial, racial, linguistic and ethnic bonds through the common bond of Islam, which according to them, makes them superior to followers of all other religions.

100 Days of Modi Sarkar, India-Japan ties, and Markets on a high: Top & Trending

100 Days of Modi Sarkar, India-Japan ties, and Markets on a high: Top & Trending

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi completed his 100 days in office, citizens across the country shared their enthusiasm over ‘acche din’ as promised during the elections, saying that Modi can be a match winner. Encouraged by economic growth of 5.7 percent in the first quarter of 2014-15, Prime Minister Narendra […]