Peshawar school attack reveals sinister design of terrorists

Sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik makes a sand sculpture to pay tributes the Pakistan terror attack victims in Puri on Wednesday. (PTI Photo)

Every murder by IS or Taliban or Al-Qaeda evokes political backlash against Muslims, particularly in societies where there is only a small minority of Muslims, such as Australia. It has not helped the community. However, there is still much left to be desired from the Muslim community in India.

Pakistan’s rush for retribution – Pressure on Afghanistan


In one of the deadliest terror attacks in Pakistan, 132 innocent school going children lost their lives on Tuesday. Not only people in Pakistan but the whole world is in shock after this. Unidentified armed men opened indiscriminate fire on the students of an Army Public School in Peshawar city of Pakistan which resulted into the carnage.

Pakistan turmoil and Taliban threat – Tavleen Singh

Pakistan turmoil and Taliban threat - Tavleen Singh

After Tuesday’s carnage in Peshawar, Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif convened all party meeting on Wednesday to take stock of the situation. After the meeting, he spoke to media where he expressed his Government’s intentions to completely sanitise Pakistan from terror elements.

India condemns terror attack on Pakistan’s school at UN

India strongly condemned the “barbaric” terror attack by the Taliban on a school in Pakistan that killed 141 people, mostly children, as UN chief Ban Ki-moon and the Security Council called for perpetrators of the “blood-curdling attack” to be brought to justice.

Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan and present day Taliban – Offstumped Archives

Mollah execution: Taliban threatens to attack Bangladesh's High Commission

In the age of Taliban, few perhaps would know that Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan a.k.a Frontier Gandhi attended the Constituent Assembly Debates in India at a time when the Muslim League boycotted them demanding a separate Muslim Country of Pakistan.